Canon Can Help Reduce Costs, Accelerate Your Workflows and Provide a Stable Workforce

Labor constraints, e-commerce growth, digital transformation and the need for better performance monitoring have been top-of-mind issues for manufacturers for several years now. When the global pandemic emerged—bringing with it supply chain disruptions and new requirements such as workplace social distancing—it dramatically intensified these and other challenges. Today, manufacturers are focused on getting new products to market faster, automating workflows, more efficiently managing labor, increasing productivity, enhancing supply chain flexibility, and implementing sustainable practices. And, with the emergence of Internet of Things and additive manufacturing (3D printing), new opportunities and new challenges await.

Canon has been a strategic partner to manufacturing companies for more than 30 years. Our clients include manufacturers of consumer, industrial, automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical and high-tech products. Our comprehensive range of services enables these enterprises to thrive in the current business environment while preparing for the future. Our solutions are designed to deliver on one overriding goal: add value. This includes document process management, enabling you to create and store millions of documents that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Canon workforce managed services can help your organization meet its talent needs, provide budget flexibility and reduce co-employment risk, relieving your business managers from staffing and administrative tasks. Additionally, our managed services for manufacturers span source-to-pay outsourcing solutions, document imaging and materials management as well as print, mail and office support.

The value we add can take many forms: reduce costs, more effectively move materials and finished products, cut cycle times for assembling and shipping, accelerate your workflows, provide a stable workforce and streamline operations by digitizing back-office operations. If you’re looking for a partner that values each and every client relationship with a constant focus on adding long-term business value, then Canon just might be the right fit.

Internal Logistics Solution Cuts Cost For Manufacturer

One of America’s largest manufacturers saved nearly one million dollars by leveraging Canon’s internal logistics solution. By deploying new processes and technology, Canon manages receiving processes, materials management and distribution, as well as the clients inventory systems. With new approaches, workflows and ideas offered by Canon Sig Sigma Black Belts, Canon is continually driving improvements within the clients’ manufacturing operations.

Manufacturer Digitizes Invoices to Streamline Its Payment Process


A company can get overwhelmed by invoices when it processes each one manually. Our client, a leading cosmetics and beauty company, had 1,500 invoices to manually process each day. Meanwhile, the company’s seven U.S.-based plants—which purchase cosmetics ingredients and packing materials, as well as pay staff salaries—wanted to be reimbursed immediately. For a period of time, they weren’t—payment took as long as 45 days. To exacerbate matters, plant managers, who were already busy with other tasks, were in charge of processing and confirming the invoices. The managers quickly fell behind schedule while the invoices piled up. The bottom line: The company needed to transform its invoicing process to save time, money and goodwill. It chose Canon to help complete the transformation.

The company needed to transform its invoicing process to save time, money and goodwill.

We assessed the company’s accounts payable process, considering the lifecycle of an invoice from creation to payment. Together with the company, we decided to digitize AP by leveraging advanced document imaging technology to create a paper-free workflow. Accounts Payable now embraces a fully digital process. Suppliers send their print and digital invoices to one of our imaging centers, where each document is scanned and stored as a PDF file. When a document is scanned, an optical character recognition (OCR) system pulls data like vendor name and purchase order. This data is matched with information already in the company database. When a successful match is verified, payment is processed. Job complete—without any data entry, human error or paper piling up on the client’s end.

Canon Delivers Meaningful Results

30 seconds
Time to scan an invoice in which all data fields match the company’s database
24 hours
Average time within which an invoice becomes available to the cosmetics manufacturer
2 days
Instead of 45 days, the company now completes payment in an average of 2 days.

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