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Law Firms Turn to Canon to Innovate and Transform Their Support Services and Employee Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic motivated law firms to adopt new approaches for operating in a “hybrid office.” A key characteristic of a hybrid office is that it relies on an office services support team, as well as automated workflow processes and technology solutions, to enable employees to work efficiently either in the office or remotely. Legal professionals need support wherever they are, especially during times when the business environment is in flux and there are many unknowns.

To optimize operations in this new office environment, law firms are increasingly seeking outside assistance. Almost every industry, including legal, is experiencing a massive shift from office-based activities to a combined on-site and work-from-home strategy. That is why it’s essential to partner with an expert managed services provider such as Canon that can support on-site and virtual office operations. The right partner can also help you create and deploy best practices, which can be a crucial element. As you consider this partnership, it’s important to know what you should look for in a managed services provider.

Tap Into a Suite of Leading-Edge Office Support Services to Drive Impactful Operational Change

One important capability is the flexibility to deliver services virtually and/or on-site. We take a holistic approach to law firm and in-house corporate legal department services that encompasses anticipating administrative support needs. For example, we can deliver document capture and other data processing services on-site at your location; off-site in our U.S. business processing centers; and offshore via our Asia-based operations, leveraging different time zones for faster cycle time and lower cost. In addition to supporting your hybrid office needs, we also offer traditional legal managed services such as copy and print services, mail, records management, conference room services, printer equipment support, office supplies management, office space turnovers, and shipping and receiving.

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Law Firm Support and Transformation Services Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

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Innovative Law Office Support Services Advance the Workplace Experience


A leading international law firm launched an initiative to meet two key challenges. One was connected with the planned relocation of the firm’s corporate headquarters to a new site. The goal was to engage a managed services provider to help the firm reduce a significant amount of paper documents accumulated over decades of being in the same location; paper that the firm didn’t want to bring to the new site. The firm’s other challenge, also related to the move, was to consolidate its office services program from two managed services providers to one. The firm wanted one partner that had the expertise to oversee its mail, print/copy, office services and records management operations as well as enhance the end user experience through a customized services program.

A strategy was developed for the on-site delivery of critical services. Canon showed that it could deliver on this initiative based on experienced on-site and off-site personnel and a detailed project plan. As a result, the firm engaged Canon for the document imaging. While the firm was considering proposals for office services, Canon was building credibility based on how its on-site team was managing the office move/scanning project. Canon’s team worked closely and efficiently with the firm’s administrative personnel and business stakeholder; effectively managed logistics; successfully coordinated Canon’s off-site support capabilities; and consistently maintained smooth, streamlined workflows. This proven credibility, plus the ability to meet the firm’s objectives, contributed to the firm awarding Canon the office services contract for all of the firm’s locations.

Imaging for the firm included scanning millions of pages, accurately entering the data into the law firm’s records management system and coordinating with the firm on document disposal. Canon helped the firm solve a challenge with scanning highly confidential files by setting up a scanning workflow that processed the sensitive files in a secure area under very strict guidelines. Canon now manages and provides personnel for the firm’s mail, print/copy, office services, supply management and records management programs as well as the floor ambassador program. There are two floor ambassadors per each legal practice group floor. These ambassadors work with the members of each practice group (partners, associates, administrative staff, etc.), with the goal of anticipating and meeting their key needs.

Our personnel demonstrated their commitment to quality, including their focus on client service and expertise in elevating office services delivery. The firm has been able to achieve its objective of enhancing the end-user experience. Canon has also introduced a performance management approach that helped the firm better manage office services through metrics and track key performance indicators. Another key advantage has been the creation of clear standards for implementing, managing and continually improving the firm’s office services. Canon created a national communications structure to share key information and best practices across the firm and developed standard operating procedures for each site. The firm is committed to always striving to deliver the highest service experiences for both its clients and its legal and non-legal personnel. Canon has demonstrated that it has the same vision for the firm.

A key advantage has been the creation of clear standards for implementing, managing and continually improving the firm’s office services.

We Help Legal Organizations Leverage New Approaches and Technology Solutions

"Our clients count on us to help identify areas within the firm or legal department to gain efficiencies. With more than 30 years of experience serving the legal community, we are the go-to provider for practice-tested solutions in records management, information governance, discovery, print and mail center services. Our teams are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and truly value the client relationships we have built over the years."

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Canon Can Help With Your Organization's Data Lifecycle Management

Managing information and tracking records through their lifecycle from creation to ultimate disposal or permanent archive is not easy, but at Canon Business Process Services, we know what you’re up against. We work with the world’s leading law firms and corporations to design, implement and staff records and information management programs that address paper and digital formats, security, retention policies and legal holds. We provide the people and expertise needed to help organizations manage physical and digital records. We also provide the necessary governance for internal IT teams about where the data is located, who has access to it and what security levels need to be put in place both internally and externally.

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