Internal Logistics Management for Manufacturers

Let Canon solve your labor challenges and improve your production line.

Whether you are building complex jet engines, state-of-the-art vehicles or creating life-saving pharmaceutical drugs, Canon can help you increase output and gain efficiencies in your manufacturing operation. Canon is a trusted provider of internal logistics and staff management. The on-site Canon team can optimize materials movement on the plant floor and manufacturing line, improve the hiring and training of associates and deliver the analytics and transparency for sound decision-making. Manufacturers are realizing productivity benefits today. With Canon you will:

  • Maintain complete control. Canon receives, inventories, manages stock levels and distributes your goods to the manufacturing floor so that you can produce your products efficiently. We then take on the critical role of preparing and shipping your completed goods.
  • Achieve the elevated productivity tracking, data and reporting in the cadence you need to drive lower operating costs in your manufacturing process.
  • Realize improved performance and visibility in your internal supply chain guided by mutually defined SLAs.

With Canon as your strategic partner, you can gain the flexibility to increase capacity and adapt to a constantly changing business climate.

Boost Manufacturing Plant Productivity — and Remain in Control — with Innovative Onsite Internal Logistics Management

How much more productive and cost-effective could your manufacturing plant be with the right support resources? Historically, there have been two options: manage your operation in-house with staffing agencies; or turn to a third-party logistics (3PL) company.

Now there’s a sweet spot between the two all-or-nothing options. The third option and potentially the best option for you is a customizable, innovative onsite materials management in which YOU maintain the control. Canon's logistics and management services enable you to focus on your core business. Canon is your strategic partner to maximize the productivity of your plant and drive innovation.

Get the best of both worlds with an expert managed service and labor provider that works onsite with you, contributing resources and expertise to your existing operations as needed — and only as needed.

Plant Managers Now Have A Strategic Partner To Advance Operations To the Next Level

Canon Internal Logistics Management for Manufacturers provides the onsite workforce to optimize, right-size and streamline the movement of materials, parts and products within your plant to support the production line. Our highly trained onsite team manages the efficient and accurate movement of raw materials to your production line, finished products to your manufacturing plant, and ships goods to your customers. Supervising a skilled workforce; controlling inventory tracking; managing information flow; maximizing facility design; monitoring performance against KPIs and service level agreements; and implementing safety programs are also essential parts of our equation. The reason we focus on these and other critical manufacturing internal logistics processes is simple. They help advance your plant to peak operational efficiency, which includes fewer errors, lower costs, improved production levels, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Canon Helps You Achieve Peak Operational Efficiency in Your Manufacturing Plant

Internal Logistics Management for Manufacturers Canon Business Process Services

Internal Logistics Solution Cuts Cost For Manufacturer

One of America’s largest manufacturers saved nearly one million dollars by leveraging Canon’s internal logistics solution. By deploying new processes and technology, Canon manages receiving processes, materials management and distribution, as well as the clients inventory systems. With new approaches, workflows and ideas offered by Canon Sig Sigma Black Belts, Canon is continually driving improvements within the clients’ manufacturing operations.

Manufacturers face a number of challenges from labor shortages and recruitment to quality control and supply chain management. When there are fewer workers available, companies may struggle to meet production targets and orders, which can lead to lost revenue. Successfully recruiting new, skilled talent is crucial to addressing workforce shortages. Also, improving quality control is a critical component of running a successful manufacturing company, but it can be time- and labor-intensive. This is where Canon can help and has made a difference for leading automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Creating Inventory and Materials Management Efficiencies for Manufacturer

A health sciences manufacturer partnered with Canon to provide onsite internal logistics support to solve logistics challenges including materials handling, inventory control, shipping, and receiving. Canon assisted the company during the opening of their new warehouse by designing and optimizing the plant's operations. This allowed the company to begin manufacturing and distributing its scientific device product as well as the temperature sensitive chemicals needed for its operation. Canon receives, stores, and maintains the inventory control system for 800 components of the scientific device before fulfilling the shipment of the finalized product.

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