Medical Supplies Inventory & Distribution Management

Improve supply chain efficiency through superior service delivery to your clinical staff

We share your mission of superior patient care. Canon Medical Supply Inventory and Distribution Management specializes in PAR optimization support, supply tracking metrics and addressing the complexities of managing fill rates, expired inventory, substitutions and product recalls. Canon delivers these solutions through its onsite logistics teams that implement and maintain new and improved processes for your organization. By partnering with Canon, you gain the advantage of optimizing the daily flow of medical supplies, freeing up your supply chain team to concentrate on essential tasks of ordering stock and non-stock inventory, communicating and developing and maintaining trust with clinicians, and implementing cost reducing strategic initiatives. With effective management of the movement supplies to the clinical staff, hospitals can streamline processes, maximize operating efficiency, and minimize waste.

A Hospital’s Journey to Improved Inventory Management

A top 10 ranked hospital experiencing supply chain challenges leveraged Canon’s expertise to improve medical supplies distribution and inventory management. After implementing best practices, data tracking and advanced employee training and development programs, the hospital realized significant improvements in inventory performance metrics. This allowed clinical staff to focus more time and resources on excellence in patient care.

Canon is the "the invisible partner at the bedside."

Canon Business Process Services provides support for essential, non-clinical labor relating to the onsite receipt, distribution, and inventory management of medical supplies, medical equipment, linen, shipping, receiving, and logistical services.

  • We specialize in optimizing hospital supply chain staffing and processes, prioritizing the support for the clinical staff dedicated to patient care.
  • We help minimize the risk in your the supply chain through coordinated client support creating efficiencies in areas, such as, management of out-of-stock inventory, recalls and expired products.
  • Our role is to ensure that nurses and doctors always have the right medical supplies in the right place at the right time.

In fact, or over 10 years one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals has leveraged our expertise to support their mission of delivering the finest healthcare by managing the receiving, storing and continual replenish of thousands of medical supply items to bed side carts, the hospital’s case cart room, and other locations.

How Can Canon Improve Your Hospital’s Inventory and Distribution KPIs?

Canon Removes the Hassle and Reduces the Timeline to Hire and Train New Staff

Sets and Delivers on Productivity Benchmarks

Improves Inventory Accuracy

Holds Kaizen Events to Identify and Remedy Inefficiencies

Measures and Controls the Cost of Your Operations

Improves Your Nursing Satisfaction Rates with the Supply Chain

Doctor with patient bedside

Our Shared Mission

As a member Canon U.S.A and the Canon group companies that include Canon Medical Systems USA, Canon Business Process Services is dedicated to providing hospitals and healthcare systems with the knowledge, staff and expertise for efficient and effective supply chain operations. Our highly trained staff, flexibility, processes, technology support and data analytics ensure that you have the right medical supplies at the right time so that you can deliver the highest level of patient care.

Canon’s Highly Trained Staff Gets Healthcare Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Patient-centric Approach
Products and Material Sensitivity
Regulatory Compliance
Emergency Readiness
Short Shelf Life
What Our Client Says
"The Canon partnership helps support our mission by being great partners, brokers of change, and true subject matter experts."
Senior Director of Operations, A Top U.S. Children's Hospital

Canon Medical Supplies Inventory & Distribution Framework Delivers an Improved Supply Chain ROI

Canon Medical Supplies Inventory and Distribution Management

Canon Improves Inventory Accuracy and Manages Par Levels

Your nurses' ability to have the right medical supplies at the right time is critical to successful patient outcomes. Here is where Canon can help. Canon works on-site with our staff at one of the nation's top pediatric hospitals managing medical supply inventory and distribution. With Canon led Kaisen Events, training specialists, data cleanup, perseverance and a close collaboration and partnership with the client, we achieved a 98% accuracy rate. If you are having a challenge with your inventory accuracy, contact us today.

Achieved 98% inventory accuracy

Improve Your Healthcare Supply Chain with a Trusted, Strategic Partner

An optimized supply chain can drive more effective patient care at the lowest operational cost.


Canon offers a custom tailored solution that is scalable. Our committed experts provide innovative solutions, technology support and data-driven insights.


A trusted partner that brings the supply chain strategies to better manage your inventory, maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.


Gain greater supplies distribution, warehouse, and inventory visibility to optimize clinical supply chain management, staff time and patient care.

Medical Distribution

Canon Is A Cost-Effective, Strategic Partner that Delivers ROI with Trained, Accountable Non-Clinical Staff

Canon leverages expertise gained supporting supply chain, receiving, distribution, and inventory management operations in other diverse industries. We offer comprehensive solutions for the staffing, management, training of material distribution teams, that includes process development, execution, and measurement.

Our primary focus includes recruiting, training, and documented processes, which we measure and report on. We establish and oversee SLA performance benchmarks, delivering labor productivity analysis to justify and validate operational positions and scheduling decisions. Our innovative approach optimizes handling your medical supply inventory, receiving, and distribution while optimizing work workflows, empowering clinical staff to operate at the top of their license.

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Canon has been helping businesses design, staff and optimize mail and print center operations for decades. Our experienced and trained professionals are experts in all aspects of mail, shipping and receiving, digital mail, return mail processing and mail security screening. We can also optimize your print center. By assessing your enterprise-wide print and copy needs, rightsizing your multi-function device fleet, and implementing a document lifecycle methodology that integrates print and copy with mail and imaging, you can achieve meaningful, measurable benefits. Canon's comprehensive print and copy services include: managed document services, a Canon document needs assessment, managed print services, copy center management and print-mail center management.

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