Case Study
Innovative Office Services: Canon Enriches the Workplace Experience of a Leading Insurance Company

The Overall Vision For An Exceptional Workplace Experience

A leading insurance company launched an initiative to reduce real estate costs by consolidating workspace across several major locations. The firm’s goal was to balance the consolidation, which would decrease employees’ work-related space including cubicles, by also launching a program that would provide employees with superior office amenities.

The overall vision was to create a fresh, appealing and more efficient work environment that would help attract and retain the best talent. Consequently, the firm decided to expand its existing program managed by Canon Business Process Services, which comprised mail, print center, records and document imaging services. Canon’s new mission was to create and implement a program with a special focus on office concierge, floor ambassador and hospitality services that would provide employees and clients with an exceptional workplace experience.

Canon’s Services Enhance the Experience

Canon began by implementing the program in one of the firm’s major locations, where the project was deemed a success. Based on that success, the insurance company engaged Canon to implement the program in several other cities, one of which the firm considered to be its “crown jewel” office. The key elements of Canon’s initiative include:

  • New Office Services Model: Canon’s system utilizes a concierge staff and floor ambassadors. The concierge staff professionally greet colleagues, guests and clients at front desk. The emphasis is on “white glove” treatment designed to make visitors feel welcomed and special. The floor ambassadors respond to office- and facilities-related service requests, set up conference rooms and help facilitate a wide range of services. The latter include event planning; coordinating meeting details such as conference room reservation, catering and technology support as well as setup and breakdown; and managing convenience facilities that include copy/print rooms and break room/lunch areas.
  • Innovative Technology: Canon manages systems that help streamline service requests and promote self-service. Key components include a new web-based workplace management system that includes a conference room/mail/print/facilities management ticketing system that Canon introduced. This solution helps deliver an exceptional experience for the firm’s colleagues who can request office services by using an application on their mobile phone.
  • Streamlined Facilities Services: Canon also established the position of facilities coordinator, which reports into the insurance firm’s local facilities management group. The facilities coordinator’s responsibilities include responding to requests for maintenance and general servicing of the office space. The latter includes updating and managing floor plans in conjunction with the workplace management system to coordinate such events as employee moves, terminations and new hires.
Canon implements workplace experience services across multiple office locations.
Innovative office services case study

Key Business Benefits

Two key benefits that the insurer has gained from Canon’s program to date have been an enhanced workplace experience for employees and clients as well as a more appealing work environment that better supports the firm’s efforts to attract and retain top quality talent.

Additionally, the company has been able to better contain overall operational costs by reducing its real estate footprint while at the same time enhancing office services delivery. It’s important to note that the insurance firm’s superior level of administrative support enables employees to devote more time and resources to core business activities.

Also, Canon’s oversight, management and continuous improvement of non-core but critical facilities services enables the firm’s business activities to function at maximum efficiency. Leveraging Canon’s expertise in how to best utilize existing office space and resources has enabled the insurance company to maintain an environment that encourages its teams to function at their highest level.

In its marketing materials the insurance company emphasizes that it has a passion for elevating every client interaction to a dependable, high-quality and appealing experience. Canon has exhibited the same passion as it continues to work with the insurance firm to help achieve its goals.

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