At Canon Business Process Services, we strive to cultivate an organization that at every level, represents a wide variety of individuals who respect, honor and encourage the inclusion of backgrounds, ideas and beliefs that span a broad range of the human experience.

Andrea O

Andrea Oriel, Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer

"We foster a collaborative corporate culture which embraces the commonalities and respects the differences among our employees while focusing on meeting our diverse customers’ expectations. Canon promotes success by providing everyone with opportunities to achieve their full potential."

Mark Walker President

Mark Walker, President

"The overall goal of Diversity and Inclusion at Canon Business Process Services is to ensure that our corporate culture is one of inclusion–at every level and in every aspect of the Company. With over 3,500 employees, we represent different nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identifications and ages working together. A diverse and inclusive workforce brings a diversity of experiences, perspectives and ideas, and gives us a powerful advantage."

Canon Business Process Services Is Committed to a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Women and Minorities in Our U.S. Corporate Staff
Women and Minorities in Our U.S. Operations
Women and Minorities Globally

We are Canon.

Canon Business Process Services' commitment to diversity and inclusion is also driven through the efforts of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of professionals from various departments with diverse backgrounds and co-chaired by the Chief Human Resources Officer and Director of Employee Relations.

Our Mission

Foster collaboration
Increasing workforce diversity
Expanding programs
Creating opportunities
Diverse leadership
Inclusive culture
Support minority-owned businesses
Diversity & Inclusion in a diverse managed workforce.

We see progress.

At Canon Business Process Services, we follow an established set of policies, practices and programs to demonstrate measurable progress towards a genuinely open, transparent, fair and inclusive workplace. We embrace our responsibility for equal opportunity in employment, development and advancement while standing committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent available in every market in which we operate.

We are taking action.

A Diverse Workforce
We foster a diverse culture where all employees are respected, valued and supported toward a common goal of providing the highest quality service for our clients. We believe diverse backgrounds and perspectives help us continue to innovate and grow.

Diversity of Job Opportunities
We are committed to finding and supporting creative and diverse employees that bring fresh ideas to challenge the status quo. We provide development programs and opportunities to take your career to the next level. Employees are engaged through leadership programs, training, strategy discussions and our work groups to foster collaboration and deliver consistently high service levels to our clients.

Diversity of Skills and Talents
We believe that the varied perspectives and skills of our employees are key to continuously delivering value to our clients. We are in the business of process optimization and we know that new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things. The talents of our workforce span a range of industries, including large and mid-sized enterprises, law firms, educational institutions and the public sector.

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