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With 3,500 employees around the globe, we have a diverse workforce that we deeply value.

Canon Business Process Services Philippines is a subsidiary of Canon Business Process Services, Inc. and focuses on enabling operational excellence with the right people, process, technology and data analytics. Robotic process automation, document process management, digital document conversion and creating more efficient workflows are among the services we provide to Fortune 1000 companies and the largest U.S. law firms.

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With a growing base of thousands of employees around the globe, Canon offers a diverse workforce that we—and our clients—deeply value. As a leading global outsourcing provider, we continually look for people who offer a wide range of work experience and skills, as well as those pursuing a career in managed business process services for the first time. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds who want to work hard and who take pride in what they do.

Get to know Canon and find your fit. Philippine applicants with an authorized work permit may apply for U.S. and Canada open positions. If you want to make a real difference, Canon is the company for you.

Canon Employees Are Driven to Succeed

Canon employs exceptional, diverse and talented people in a wide range of job functions. Canon's modern, security-certified offshore operations perform high-volume indexing, coding and other data entry and information processing services. Paper documents scanned anywhere during the day can be securely accessed and processed overnight at our centers in either the United States or Asia to speed cycle time and improve customer satisfaction. Our onshore and offshore teams are an integral, vital part of our business and the unsurpassed value we provide to clients.

Careers at Canon

You Can Benefit and Grow Personally and Professionally From Our Comprehensive Training Program

Are you looking to take your knowledge, skills and career to new heights? Our employees are our greatest asset and we develop our teams to achieve success in their current role and responsibilities, or help prepare them for the next level of their career. We provide endless opportunities to learn and grow at Canon and work with you to design the career you want. What do you aspire to be? Join us and we can help you get there!

We value commitment and dedication for every team and every role.

Jennifer M

"Right after my interview, I knew that Canon is going to impact my learning experience for good. And I was not wrong! I've been with Canon for 15 years now, and throughout my stay, I welcomed every learning opportunity that Canon has to offer. These learning opportunities greatly enhanced my interpersonal, leadership and technical skills. Aside from the professional growth, I love working in Canon because of the people I work with. Indeed, it is truly a blessing to be working in one of the companies belonging to International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ (IAOP) Global Outsourcing 100 list."

Jennifer M.
Project Manager

Noel Toledo

"Having been with Canon for almost 10 years, I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work in a company that has been open to new ideas, processes, and technology. I look forward every day to what comes next."

Noel T.
Assistant Manager

Mark N Employee Testimonial

“Working for Canon has been great! It is very rare for to be a part of a company which promotes work-life balance, as well as a company that continues to grow despite the pandemic.”

Mark N.
Client Services Manager

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