Canon Business Process Services helps organizations meet talent needs, provide budget flexibility, reduce co-employment risk and relieve business managers from staffing and administrative tasks.

Canon helps organizations remain competitive and meet the talent and staff flexibility challenges by recruiting, onboarding, managing, training and establishing performance management metrics for a wide range of positions across varied industries. We offer a managed service that provides a single point of contact, on-site management, performance measurement and complete recordkeeping.

Canon employees are offered the opportunity to build their skills while on the job via cross training and certification. Through our learning academy, we provide more than 2,000 online and virtual training courses — just one example of our retention program, designed to ensure employees are satisfied in their jobs and minimize turnover. Our comprehensive employee training program covers business skills, leadership, customer service, core competencies, compliance and safety.

Canon’s Workforce Management Framework Benefits Employees and Creates Efficiencies

Companies today are struggling with labor instability and the constant need to train and fill open positions. Canon helps solve these challenges. Canon’s Workforce Management Framework covers the employee management, career development, cross-training staff as well as safety and reward and recognition programs. You can leverage our best practices and proven protocols. If you want to create new efficiencies in your business and advance your workforce management to a higher level...Canon can help.

Why Onsite Outsourcing Can Make Sense for Your Business

With the Canon Business Process Services team of highly trained professionals, you can realize the following benefits:

  • Quality work: Our account manager knows the client’s business and anticipates their needs. We train our staff and provide on-site supervision
  • Cost control: Overtime controls, advance planning and optimized processes help us to stay on budget and remain cost competitive
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: Since we are already on-site with our BPO or document processing services, adding workforce services can be a quick process as we may have a pool of people to draw from. For new clients, our contracting process can be executed fairly quickly
  • Risk minimized: We provide W-2 workers and work with our clients to manage labor, safety, training, equipment certification and background checks
  • High productivity: We cross-train employees and can tap from our bench, which means their output can be high from day one
  • Management time: Relieves the business managers from the staffing and administrative burden

In addition, the Canon staff is guided by an experienced human resources team. This includes using a thorough recruiting process that may comprise personal interviews: skills and aptitude testing; reference checks; e-Verify (Social Security and employment eligibility verification); drug checks and background screens.

Canon Sources the Highly Skilled and Reliable Workers You Need to Advance Your Business

Today, organizations operate a non-traditional workforce model—one in which a large percentage of the workforce may consist of temporary, contract, outsourced or shared-job employees compared to permanent employees. While a non-employee labor model provides flexibility for both employer and worker, managing a contingent labor program can present a number of challenges and risks. Canon shifts the business management focus away from consistently filling open positions. We offer a single point of contact and provides on-site W-2 staff and management.

Workforce Management staff

Canon Is a Proven Provider of Workforce and Performance Management

The Canon account managers know their clients’ businesses and anticipate their needs. We train our staff and provide on-site supervision. This process helps to control the cost of overtime and planning to ensure we stay on budget and remain competitive. Also, since we are already on-site with our business process outsourcing or document processing services, adding workforce management can potentially be a quick process, as we may have a pool of people from which to draw. For new clients, our contracting process can be expedited and our service can be up and running fairly quickly. Since we provide W-2 workers and collaborate with our clients to manage safety, training, equipment certification and background checks, we are able to avoid many potential risks. And, with cross-trained employees, we can select the most qualified staff for the needed role to achieve high productivity from the first day.

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