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Can a More Strategic Approach to Print and Copy Management Provide Meaningful Business Benefits?

If you consider increased employee productivity, stronger document security, improved sustainability, mobile printing capabilities, and reduced operational costs to be impactful, than you are correct.

By assessing your enterprise-wide print and copy needs, right-sizing your multi-function device fleet, and implementing a document lifecycle methodology that integrates print and copy with mail and imaging, you can achieve these and other benefits.

The world’s leading organizations trust Canon Business Process Services to provide a more strategic approach to print and copy management services.

Canon comprehensive print and copy services include:

  • Managed Document Services—reduce office print cost 20-30%
  • Canon Document Needs Assessment
  • Canon Managed Print Services Methodology
  • Copy Center Management—convenient, secure, and customized service
  • Print-Mail Center Management—enable multi-channel and personalization with every printed communication

Canon print services are provided at the client site starting with the existing hardware and software. Based on an in-depth assessment and a future-state roadmap, we implement improvements through change in hardware, software, people skills, and process design. 

We can source new equipment and software as part of our services or on your behalf. Either way, we can work with you to identify your needs, and offer a range of solutions that directly address your business requirements.

Managed Print Services

Enterprises of all sizes operate a vast number of printing devices

Canon Managed Print Services help you take full control over your office printing fleet—leading to greater efficiency and lower costs.

We’ve helped many organizations improve their print programs with our MPS methodology:

First, we assess your current printing fleet, including devices, costs, and current and future requirements. Then, we work with you to design an optimized print strategy—including initiatives to reduce output and cost—along with a tactical roadmap to implement that strategy. With all steps clearly outlined, we then migrate to the new strategy. Any or all aspects of the migration can be staffed, executed, and managed by Canon professionals.

With implementation complete, we monitor and measure results to drive continuous improvement. 

The Canon integrated approach to MPS includes a comprehensive bundle of services, consulting, and advanced tools, any or all of which can be integrated into your print program:

  • Fleet monitoring
  • Client reporting
  • Help desk services
  • Total equipment maintenance
  • Configuration and change management
  • Consumable and supply management
  • Continuous assessment
  • Financial and asset management

Let us optimize your printing resources to achieve maximum savings, efficiency, and productivity.

It is time to think beyond managing hardware

Leveraging a managed print strategy has proven to reduce the cost of office print. But often times, Managed Print Services tend to focus on managing only the hardware and maintenance.  Today, organizations are looking for a guide to exploit MFD digital workflow capabilities for the paper-to-digital transition, to harden security at the print device, and to enable mobile print.

Canon provides Managed Document Services that go beyond managing the hardware fleet. We help clients reduce costs, improve sustainability, increase employee productivity, reduce the IT workload, enable mobility, and implement scan-to-digital workflows.

Canon Managed Document Services includes:

  • Document Needs Assessment—assesses the office print/copy services and recommends
  • Multi-vendor print management—on-site Canon staff takes care of day to day print needs
  • Supplies Management—toner and paper replenishment
  • Maintenance management—resolves repair issues, interfaces with repair vendors and enforces SLA terms
  • 1st Level User Support—reduces IT Help Desk workload
  • User training reduces print and copy consumption and increases employee productivity
  • Monthly reporting including invoice reconciliation keeps you informed
  • Remote MDS Call Center—receives user tickets and coordinates repair services for all devices
  • Electronic monitoring of multi-vendor networked fleet—proactive response to device failure, preventive maintenance, low supplies and meter collection
  • Asset Management and IMAC Support—installation, moves, adds, changes and disposal of assets are accurately tracked
  • Print, Copy, Fax, Send Security—implements security at the device to prevent unauthorized reproduction or distribution through fax or send features
  • Mobile Print—make it easy to print from mobile devices and from mobile locations
  • Office Scan and Workflow—MFD-based workflow speeds up business transactions and increases productivity
  • Sustainability Programs—reduces the consumption of paper and the number of machines, implements paper and toner recycling programs

Document Needs Assessment

A document needs assessment identifies the opportunities for improvement

How much does print and copy cost for the average office worker at your organization? If you don’t know, the answer might be higher than you think. In order to find out, and to ensure that the costs align with your business needs, a comprehensive review of your print-copy processes and MFD fleet is necessary. 

At Canon, we help clients begin this process by conducting a Canon Document Needs Assessment. The Canon assessment is a service that reviews print-copy processes, business and user needs, hardware, and the total costs of ownership.  The goals are to identify areas for improvement and cost reduction.

To accomplish these goals, the Document Needs Assessment starts with a quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. We document the current state equipment population, output volume, device utilization, total costs, user needs and challenges. Then we design an office document output strategy, several total cost of ownership scenarios, and a roadmap for implementation.

Taking into account client goals Canon recommendations are presented in a detailed report clearly showing the planned changes, estimated cost saving over time, and the expected business improvements.

Copy Center Management

We produce your business materials in a timely fashion

Your brand is your business. To attract new clients and to outperform competitors, your marketing materials, business letters, newsletters, presentations, proposals and training materials must be attractive and high-quality. But how can you ensure that you have access to the printed materials you need, when you need them, without overspending or overstaffing?

Meet Canon Business Process Services, a provider of best-in-class copy center services.  We can produce and distribute the printed materials you need securely, cost-effectively, and according to your schedule. Our Copy Center Services are efficient, customizable, and multi-media enabled. Canon has the experience necessary to address industry-specific needs, such as financial services confidentiality, insurance distribution channel support, law firm discovery and client sensitivity, Department of Defense-compliant hardcopy control and staff clearance, AEC (architects, engineering, construction) wide format, or manufacturing product manual requirements.

Canon Copy Center Services include: 

  • Copy, print, scan—B&W, color
  • Large Format copy, print, scan—blueprints, CAD, posters, banners
  • Binding and Finishing—give your presentations, proposals, or reports a professional look
  • Stapling, GBC, wire, stitching, coil
  • Lamination
  • Conversion from one media to another
  • Paper to digital/CD/DVD to film or vhs.
  • Scanning
  • Automated text conversion from paper to digital using OCR
  • Discovery and litigation duplication including Bates labeling
  • Fulfillment—kitting and assembly mail and distribution
  • Customer Service
  • Guide customers through print and cost options
  • Source and project manage specialty print such as die cuts, off-set, carbonless forms, stationery, large format prints, and brochures
  • Cost allocation to GL/Dept. codes
  • Manage Copy Center equipment, maintenance, budget, and technology
  • Web-based print job submission
  • Digital document composition from multiple files
  • Multimedia reproduction—paper, digital, film
  • Scan and OCR text capture
  • Cost recovery/chargeback systems
  • PDF workflow
  • Multi-channel distribution—mail stream, email, FTP, DVD, e-mail
  • Wide format equipment—copy, scan, print

Print to Mail Center Management

Improve customer engagement and experience through multi-channel communications

It’s no secret that for the modern business, print communications are far less prevalent than email and other forms of digital communication. But if your business is like many others that Canon serves, print still plays a vital role in allowing you to complete business transactions and communicate with customers, prospects and employees. Whether print-to-mail is the preferred method of communication for some of your customers, or regulatory requirements mandate print and digital forms of communication for certain types of documents, print-mail still plays a vital role within the enterprise. And by thinking strategically about your print-mail processes, you can improve efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage that sets you apart.

But as you look to optimize your print-mail strategy, you are faced with hard decisions. Should you invest in new equipment, software and skilled employees as print volume continues to decline? Do you need to integrate and synchronize print with your CRM, ERP, or SCM digital workflows? Is there a more cost-effective way to produce the relevant, personalized, brand-compliant materials you need?

Canon Business Process Services helps leading businesses answer these tough questions. We design and manage client-site print-to-mail production processes that maximize print impact, reduce costs, enable interactive communications, and reduce dependency on internal IT.

Canon print-to-mail management services include:

  • On-site Print-to-Mail production—documents are printed and distributed on time
  • On-Demand, Personalized, 1-to-1 communications
  • Print-mail cost optimization—we help you optimize cost of print, postage, and paper
  • Print fulfillment
  • Intelligent insertion
  • Return mail processing and data maintenance
  • Legacy print stream transformation
  • Postal management—PO Box, meter replenishment
  • Web-Based Job Submission
  • Sourcing and procurement of print supplies, hardware, software, and maintenance
  • Source, procure and project manage overflow or specialty print jobs
  • Disaster protection and business recovery assessment and planning

Canon print-to-mail production capabilities include:

  • Statements, bills and compliance driven print-mail fulfillment
  • Member recruitment, enrollment, fundraising
  • Healthcare EOB and Enrollment Kit fulfillment—comply with HIPAA requirements
  • Insurance policy print-mail production and fulfillment
  • Employee pay and communications

Canon print-to-mail experience ranges from the legacy ERP static statement print to the latest personalized, interactive, multi-channel communications. Canon has the expertise in cut-sheet and continuous feed systems as well as in selecting and upgrading customer communications software used to compose, format, personalize, and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.

Achieve a Holistic Approach to Print Management with Customized Technology Solutions and Process Control

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