A Case for Enhancing Business Performance

Business documents are vital strategic, financial, operational and intellectual assets that are essential to daily business processes. This is why outsourcing document process management enables organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity, manage document risks and enhance business performance.

Document process management (DPM) outsourcing integrates technology, processes and people to seamlessly manage documents throughout their useful lifespan, from creation through archiving. DPM maximizes the utility of documents as critical business assets, and minimizes document-related risks. Strategic outsourcing enables an enterprise to design and execute a sound program customized to meet your business objectives at, potentially, a reduced cost.

Documents flow throughout the veins of an enterprise. They exist in multiple locations, formats and media, including electronic and paper. They contain information upon which much of a company’s value is based. Business documents are vital strategic, financial, operational and intellectual assets that play an essential role in business processes. They constitute the lifeblood of an organization. Yet half of organizations rate their document management practices as less than effective. While it’s important to do so, few conduct assessments to analyze, streamline and optimize their document processes.

Components of An Effective Document Process Management Strategy

  • Business Driven: Focused, centralized and aligned with business requirements
  • Integrated: Unified across media, formats, enterprise functional areas and locations
  • Policy Based: Clear, consistent and enforced
  • Risk Management: Oriented to minimize compliance, litigation, financial and operational business risks
  • Continuous Improvement: Innovation focused, utilizing performance management and benchmarking tools to identify and apply best practices

Optimize Your Business Information to Improve Internal Processes Across the Enterprise

The speed and accuracy at which information can be accessed can be critical in today’s business environment. Since documents contain essential business information, it is imperative to manage them with the same care given to other valuable business assets. Document process management utilizes integrated lifecycle services to manage critical business document assets throughout their lifespan of value, from creation through archiving. This seamless, integrated approach operates across different media, formats and locations. It provides efficient, agile, secure access throughout a document’s lifecycle, according to value, as well as operational and compliance requirements.

Summing Up

Canon Business Process Services is one of the world’s leading providers of document process management services. The company seamlessly integrates technology, processes and people to manage document assets throughout their life-span of value.

Our solutions span print and copy management, fleet management, comprehensive mail services, document scanning, records management and professional document assessment services. Advanced business performance management software and benchmarking tools support document best practices and innovation for the future.

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