Case Study
Vehicle Manufacturer Implements Digital Mail and Elevates the Workplace Experience

Facing Mail and Facilities Management Challenges

A leading vehicle manufacturing company faced three compelling challenges within its mail and facilities management operations. At the time, another services provider managing these operations did not have the optimal technical and management expertise to maintain activities at peak levels. As a result, the mail operation, which consisted of mail, reception and vehicle support services, was placing extra administrative burdens on the company’s management team. A second challenge, that was addressed when the firm expanded its relationship with Canon, was to help elevate the operational efficiency of its print/copy fleet and to reduce costs. At that time, the company was experiencing challenges with the proactive servicing of its fleet and with equipment not functioning at optimal levels. The company's final challenge was to elevate a range of office services to support their move to a new headquarters location.

Implementing Solutions

To meet the challenge of improving the company's print/copy fleet, Canon implemented a managed print services program. The initiative’s first phase included installing a fleet of networked MFDs (multi-function devices that combine print, copy, scan and fax capabilities into one unit). In phase two, Canon launched a more comprehensive managed print services program that included consolidated, customized billing; call center support; equipment maintenance and supplies replenishment for all printers nationwide. In phase two, Canon also eliminated 150 non-networked printers, which increased efficiency and helped reduce costs.

Years later, with the goal of elevating a range of office services to support the company’s move to a new headquarters location, the vehicle manufacturer envisioned a more agile, state-of-the-art environment that included a plan for 40 percent of employees to work on a hoteling basis.

Canon aligned its expertise with the company’s goals and implemented three significant programs. One was a comprehensive records backfile conversion project. The reason for the initiative was that the company did not want to move an excessive amount of paper files to its new headquarters. To meet this need, a Canon team digitized thousands of documents, such as historical manuals, at the firm’s corporate and regional offices.

Canon also created a workplace experience services program, which encompassed amenities such as coffee service (including a barista) as well as office concierge services designed to help anticipate employee needs, saving them time, removing workplace friction and making them feel valued. Additionally, Canon implemented continuous improvement training programs, including Professional Receptionist, Customer Service, Fundamentals of Quality and Green Associate Certification.

Canon meets the company's goals by implementing programs for its new headquarters location.

The third program comprised a digital mail solution, which gave employees access to their digitized mail through the company’s email system. Digital mail enhances efficiency by scanning inbound mail immediately upon receipt, while simultaneously indexing and classifying each mail piece. This digitization and straight-through processing removes many inefficiencies of manual approaches and enables instant delivery of business information to the intended recipient or business workflow. Canon’s current digital mail service supports 300 employees and will shortly add over 150 more users.

One key feature of Canon’s overall mail management service is an intelligent locker system. It includes a bank of 30 different size lockers at the company’s headquarters location. Incoming packages are scanned and placed in a locker. Employees are notified that their package is ready for pickup at the mail center. The notification includes a code and instructions on how to use the locker. The employee enters the code, the locker door automatically opens enabling the employee to retrieve the package, and the locker automatically resets when the door is closed. The company’s Information Technology staff can also use lockers to store equipment, such as laptops, for employees who are visiting the headquarters office.

Digital mail facilities management case study

Creating Efficiencies Over a Span of Years

Savings, efficiencies and other results achieved by Canon’s programs over a span of years include the following:

  • Reduced print/copy operation costs by 30 percent
  • Supported the company’s move to a more modern, agile work environment with digital backfile conversion, workplace experience and digital mail services
  • Significantly improved overall operational efficiency in addition to reducing costs for the company’s managed print services program
  • Implemented training programs to help drive continuous operational improvement
  • Instituted barista and office concierge services, which improved the employee workplace experience
  • Increased morale among staff due to improved training programs and more opportunities for advancement
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction according to the company’s internal customer satisfaction surveys
  • Eliminated the administrative burden

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