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The mail center is at a crossroad—as businesses, governments and consumers continue to rely heavily on electronic forms of communication, the volume of paper mail is on a steady decline. So what does this mean to your organization?

By thinking strategically about your mail center, you can identify cost savings, efficiencies and operational improvements that will help you meet today’s business needs.

Now is the time to consider how modernizing your mail center can help you overcome today’s challenges around internal mail distribution for mobile employees, information security, automation, digitization and outbound print mail.

Canon Business Process Services has been helping businesses design, staff, and optimize mail center operations for decades. Our experienced and trained professionals are experts in all aspects of mail, shipping, and receiving. Our Canon Mail Center Services team members are industry certified in postal automation, regulations, distribution and mail services technology. And we are industry leaders in design and implementation of innovative solutions that can support your mail center needs.

The Canon Digital Intake Center Can Revolutionize Your Mail Room

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience Managing Mail Operations and Offer a Wide Range of Services

Mail Center Management

Every organization receives and sends physical materials. Whether they are delicate, time-sensitive letters, transactional documents, or supplies, the challenge is that they all must be delivered within time to the right destination with integrity. The mail center orchestrates, directs and controls the people processes and enabling technologies that make the entire organization more efficient.

Canon Business Process Services provides customized mail, shipping and receiving services to meet the needs of any site requirement. We serve office towers, campus settings, manufacturing plants, law firms, professional practices, hospitals and warehouses, as well as highly secure Department of Defense facilities.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Mail Services Management
  • Internal Distribution & Processing
  • Return Mail Processing & Database Maintenance
  • Certified Mail Processing
  • Accountable Mail & Parcel Tracking Solutions
  • Mail Security
  • Mail Process Assessment

Canon SmartReturn Mail

One of our latest Mail Operations services allows you to leverage the use of our Business Processing Centers to assist with a common mail management challenge: returned mail processing.

Every organization that sends out physical mail faces a similar issue. They must update their records due to undelivered mail that is returned because the address and/or contact information was incorrect. This situation can be costly as you may be paying postage for large mail volumes that never reach intended recipients. Quite often, organizations send out the same mail piece several times before realizing that an address needs to be changed. Sometimes the change is never completed.

Canon SmartReturn Mail enable more efficient and cost-effective solutions to solve this challenge. Your returned mail is received via a PO Box at our Business Processing Centers. From there, we extract the name, address and other pertinent data needed to now automatically update your mailing lists. For many organizations, returned mail can present problems in terms of expense as well as compliance with industry regulations. Canon SmartReturn Mail was created to help you avoid these scenarios.

Digital Mail

The Canon Digital Mail Service converts physical mail into digital information and delivers the mail to employees quickly and seamlessly. Upon receipt, the mail is captured automatically for scanning. Once scanned, the imaged envelope and its contents are sent to the content management system, entered into the workflow and are then archived. The document images are accessed though a hyperlink contained in the email notification. Images are not attached, keeping email size and network traffic to a minimum, and employees can instantly access the scanned document via their desktop computer or smartphone. Finally, the physical mail is distributed based on business rules or destroyed.

The Canon Digital Intake Center Service takes it a step further. With the Digital Intake Center, your newly digitized information automatically enters your workflow streamlining and expediting the flow of business critical information throughout your organization.

Outbound Print Mail

The creation, distribution and management of high-volume transactional mail can be challenging. Outbound mail is equally as important as inbound. Canon manages national and international mail, as well as courier, general and customer-facing mail. We start with an assessment of mail volume and devise an optimal solution based on mail types, geography and volume. Canon has the expertise to take advantage of postal savings that include utilizing USPS-approved presort vendors. Our services include:

  • Customer communications and compliance print-mail and fulfillment
  • Print-mail automation from document design to intelligent insertion
  • Postal Presort, NCOA, Intelligent Mail Barcode, and list hygiene

Why Canon for Mail Services?

Our commitment to the industry is demonstrated through the investment in the training of our employees that support our clients. Based on our number of certifications, Canon ranks among the top mail and distribution services leaders in the industry.

Moreover, our analysts provide leadership and training at the national and regional levels. We champion best practices, the development and implementation of solutions, and consult on emerging technologies through our involvement in industry associations and conferences such as the PCC, MSMA, the US Postal Forum and MAILCOM.  

And, in today’s security conscious environment, our analysts also keep current with the practices set by CDC, FBI and Homeland Security Agencies and coordinate mail and facility security with overall corporate security plans.

We help clients gain a competitive advantage through advanced mail center operations

Joe Mail

“We work with clients to analyze their mail center workflow, technology and labor requirements in order to determine how to redesign operations to better meet their business needs. The ultimate goal: achieve a more timely, accurate and efficient distribution of all correspondence, which is essential to business success.”

Joe F.
Director, Mail Center Solutions
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