Canon Leverages Innovation and Advanced Services to Help Clients Succeed

CEO Views has named Canon Business Process Services (Canon) as one of the “Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2023.” This is the fourth year in a row that the publication has recognized Canon for its inventive approach. This includes a flexible, integrated service delivery model that enables Canon to manage services on-site at the client’s location, off-site, and offshore. Canon combines this adaptable methodology with the latest technologies to automate business process workflows and support digital transformation initiatives.

For over 30 years Canon has been helping clients enable business agility, leverage digital technology and lead an increasingly evolving workforce. Canon solves these challenges by leveraging its experienced team backed by Six Sigma expertise and best-in-class technology.

Canon Helps Clients Overcome Business Challenges

"Businesses have faced significant challenges and undergone incredible changes over the past few years, and this won’t slow down in 2023,” says Joe Marciano, president and CEO of Canon Business Process Services. “Organizations are dealing with the after effects of the global pandemic, economic challenges, as well as rapidly-developing technologies.” Regarding the latter, Marciano points out that accelerated digital transformation is one of the most pressing concerns. “Deploying digital technologies to improve customer service, create more efficient supply chains, deliver products and services that are more aligned with customer needs, and streamline manufacturing processes are all on the table,” Marciano adds.

To help organizations grapple with these challenges, Canon continues to apply innovative thinking and its wide-ranging expertise in delivering services that span people, processes, technology and data in any combination that is appropriate for client needs.

This mindset continues to garner industry recognition for Canon. As one example, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has named Canon to its Global Outsourcing 100 list for the past 17 years in a row. According to IAOP, the Global Outsourcing 100 is an essential reference for organizations seeking relationships with the best outsourcing companies. Canon earned additional IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 recognition last year by receiving top honors in five special judging categories. These categories include “Programs for Innovation,” which recognizes a company’s ability to implement solutions that produce new forms of value for customers.

Canon’s Expertise Spans a Wide Range of Industries

Several of these advanced programs are designed to meet specific industry needs. This includes Canon’s digital transformation services for insurance companies. The purpose of these services is to help major insurance companies advance their client relationships through innovation and digital transformation.

Insurers are streamlining operations. This can include developing a digital transformation roadmap, aligning resources, and using a phased implementation approach. Also, some larger insurers are jumpstarting their digital transformation by outsourcing inefficient processes. Canon’s special focus is to help firms achieve these goals and better prepare for the future by implementing a comprehensive solution that includes claims processing and underwriting support.

Here is one case in point. A leading insurance company engaged Canon to help streamline claims processing. The Canon team assumed management of data entry and related activity for hundreds of processing tasks. These include indexing medical bills, scanning and indexing claims, and processing explanation of benefits statements and W9 forms. Canon also implemented office services and a digital mail system to support the company’s move to a more agile work environment.

Results have been significant. Projected cost savings are expected to exceed millions of dollars annually due to workforce optimization approaches and automation. Improving the efficiency of business process workflows has trimmed a claims process from seventeen to five days.

Canon Internal Logistics Services for Healthcare

Another industry-specific program is Canon’s internal logistics services for the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers require an efficient flow of supplies and equipment to effectively perform daily functions. Following is one example of how Canon’s solution is helping a leading hospital meet this challenge while better supporting clinicians and improving patient outcomes.

The hospital concluded that while its Receiving and Central Supply operation was essential to the business, the operation’s recruiting, training, and corporate support systems were more tailored to healthcare professionals than logistics specialists. To better ensure that the right parts are available in the right places, at the right time, the hospital selected Canon to manage its receiving, central supply, and inventory replenishment processes.

Canon implemented best practices in inventory management, data tracking, recruiting, and employee development. This improved processing times, provided vital business insights, and gave the hospital greater scheduling flexibility. Canon helped to build lean workflow management systems, improve the replenishment process, and develop point-of-use storage systems for high-use items.

One result was that, with an improved flow of material throughout the hospital, the healthcare leader could focus its attention on launching a new ERP system. Canon participated in training sessions for the software, adjusted schedules to aid the transition, and updated processes to accommodate the new system. Following implementation, Canon resumed its continuous improvement projects to drive efficiency, quality, and safety.

Canon Workplace Experience Services Provides Employees with A Frictionless, Differentiated Experience

A third program that Canon has tailored to several major industries is the company’s workplace experience services. Organizations are creating work experiences that engage employees in a way that motivates them to want to work, whether at home or in the office. And because today’s workers expect conveniences and administrative support that remove workplace friction, companies offering these programs have a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the best talent. Canon Workplace Experience Services include reception, host and concierge services, hospitality services, and technology enablement.

One major industry leveraging these services is the financial sector. A leading company, for example, wanted to establish an outstanding workplace experience in three new offices they were preparing to open, including their new global headquarters. They needed a partner to create an environment that helped treat employees like valued guests. This meant expanding and rethinking their workplace events, building a hospitality team, and overseeing new agile workspace and office supply programs.

The company tapped Canon to help get the job done. Two key reasons motivated the financial leader. One, the company liked Canon’s personalized approach, which enables Canon teams to anticipate individual employee needs and deliver the finest in guest services. Two, Canon staff is specially trained to deliver workplace experience services tailored to specific client requirements.

“These examples demonstrate how we utilize innovation and advanced services to help our clients address current challenges and better prepare for the future,” says Joe Marciano. He adds that whatever their business needs, Canon’s mission is to help ensure that its clients are ready to prosper in the days ahead.

Published in The CEO Views Magazine, March 2023

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