In today’s highly competitive market, it is essential to stay attuned to the evolving needs and trends. Here innovation plays a crucial role. Innovation is not just about introducing disruptive technologies, but is about successful exploitation of new ideas to stay ahead in the competition. Companies that prioritize constant innovation, gain a competitive edge in the dynamic market.

Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2024”. The list highlights some of the top Innovative and well- regarded companies who have not only embraced innovation in uncertain times but have also taken conscious measures to stay relevant in the competitive market by adapting to the changing shift. The enumerated companies aspire to assist individuals and organizations in accomplishing their goals and strive towards success.

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Leveraging Innovation and Digital Technology to Help Clients Thrive

CEO Views has named Canon Business Process Services as one of the “Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2024.” This is the fifth year in a row that the publication has recognized Canon for its inventive approach. This includes a flexible, integrated service delivery model that enables Canon to manage services on-site at the client’s location, off-site, and offshore.

For over 30 years Canon has focused on building innovative end-to-end solutions that enable business growth and deliver cost efficiencies. The company achieves this by combining workforce management expertise with analytics, cognitive technology, automation and an experienced team backed by Six Sigma expertise and best-in-class technology.

Pressing Business Challenges

“Businesses will continue to face a number of pressing challenges and undergo incredible changes over the next few years,” says Pete Kowalczuk, chairman and CEO of Canon Business Process Services. “In particular, organizations are looking to harness the power of rapidly-developing technologies including artificial intelligence as well as optimize their operations with digital transformation initiatives.” Regarding the latter, Kowalczuk points out that Canon has a great business model with deep domain expertise that uniquely positions the company to deliver customized solutions and advance the business performance of its clients.

To help organizations solve their challenges and continue to thrive, Canon applies innovative thinking and its wide-ranging expertise in delivering services that span people, processes, technology and data analytics in any combination that is appropriate for client needs.

This approach continues to garner industry recognition for Canon. As one example, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has named Canon to its Global Outsourcing 100 list for the past 18 years in a row. According to IAOP, the Global Outsourcing 100 is an essential reference for organizations seeking relationships with the best outsourcing companies.

Canon earned additional IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 recognition by receiving top honors in five special judging categories. These categories include “Programs for Innovation,” which recognizes a company’s ability to implement solutions that produce new forms of value for customers.

Canon Digital Mailroom

Several of these innovative managed services are designed to meet specific business needs. This includes Canon Digital Mailroom, designed to help companies to better navigate the hybrid workforce, improve response times, and gain visibility and insight into the mail they receive.

“Physical-to-digital mail is the latest evolution in managing incoming and accountable business mail,” notes Pete Kowalczuk. “Most importantly, digital mail can move an organization into the forefront of mail center efficiency, security and safety,” he adds.

Consider the potential to boost efficiency. Based on implementing digital mail systems for a number of major clients, Canon estimates that the vast majority of physical mail did not require delivery. That’s a huge opportunity to leverage digitization for productivity gains and cost savings. The Canon turn-key solution enables consolidating physical and digital correspondence into a single process ow. Canon’s end-to-end service includes mail center staff, digital mail system and installation, imaging hardware, mail processing work ow design based on Six Sigma methodology, return mail cost savings, customer service support and comprehensive reporting.

This comprehensive approach yields a range of significant business benefits. One advantage is speed. A friction-free document work ow and processing can quickly generate productivity gains by cutting time from paper-based processes. Canon Digital Mail can go live in 30 days or less. Another gain is flexibility. Because Canon’s system does not require code, it can be implemented with minimal disruption. Company teams can work anywhere on any device, and Canon’s user-friendly system requires minimal training to go live.

A third benefit is security. Canon Digital Mailroom can reduce risk of loss, fraud, failure and penalty. Finally, there’s scalability. Canon’s agile architecture allows a company to grow at its own pace with no constraints on volume.

Advantages of a Digital Mailroom for Law Firms

Law firms offer an example of how these advantages offered by Canon Digital Mailroom can help solve problems specific to one industry. For instance, with traditional mail management systems, many law firms find it challenging to quickly and efficiently locate mail pieces.

The advantage of a digital mailroom is that it makes it possible to quickly ingest physical mail into a secure digital portal. The service converts physical envelopes and their contents into a common digital format for access by attorneys, legal assistants, and practice group teams. Digital mail is directed to an individual or department work queue. The physical mail is forwarded and stored or destroyed according to firm policies. Tracking makes documents visible from receipt to completion. Documents may include court notices, invoices, client correspondence and attorneys’ incoming mail.

As another case in point, a digital mailroom can also help save a law firm the financial and reputational costs of missed deadlines. The firm can monitor inbound mail items to identify who has handled the documents. Notifications can be set if a document has not been handled within a predetermined amount of time. This helps ensure that all documents received are handled appropriately and according to time requirements. An auto-forwarding function helps make sure time-sensitive documentation isn’t overlooked. If a document is not acted upon within the firm’s specified number of days, the system will automatically escalate it to another person or department. The firm also has access to a full audit history so firm members can review and/or report on document ow.

Additionally, a digital mailroom portal gives a firm’s staff anywhere/anytime document access via their phones, iPads and laptops so they don’t miss critical materials or client instructions. Whether they’re traveling, in court or working from home, they’ll still have ready access to incoming documents. And the digital mailroom’s privacy protection functions let the firm mark documentation as personal so the only person who can view it is the intended recipient.

“Canon Digital Mailroom demonstrates how we utilize innovation and digital transformation services to help our clients, including law firms, address current challenges and better prepare for the future,” says Pete Kowalczuk. He adds that whatever their business needs, Canon’s mission is to help ensure that its clients are ready to prosper in the days ahead.

Published in The CEO Views Magazine, March 2024

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