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CPO Rising 2019: Value Expansion

CPO Rising 2019: Value Expansion

For the average procurement department in 2019, the low-hanging fruit has been picked. In fact, for many procurement teams, the trees are largely barren, having been picked clean during the last 10 years. Procurement departments and the profession, more broadly, need new sources of value and, they will need to start using innovative ideas and approaches to find it.

Not every procurement organization has plateaued; some have strong momentum as they head into the next decade. In fact, many procurement organizations have the opportunity to jump to a performance trajectory by simply doing the basics, or, doing the basics better or well. Ardent Partners research clearly shows that there are just as many procurement teams and CPOs that need or will soon need a catalyst to expand the impact of their work on operations, costs, profits, and even sales.

Ardent Partners presents a comprehensive view into what is happening in the world of procurement this year and discover the industry’s hot trends and key findings.

Watch this can't miss webcast now to learn:

  • A close look at the role of the CPO and the level of engagement and alignment this leader has within the enterprise today, as well as the key drivers and challenges that shape the position.
  • The annual look into the “State of Procurement” and analyzing the current capabilities in the areas of people, process, and technology.
  • Procurement performance and operational statistics to use as benchmarks for your organization to learn what defines Best-in-Class procurement performance.
  • A series of recommended strategies and approaches for CPOs and procurement departments that want to improve their operations and results.

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