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Canon consulting services can help accelerate your business operations and make decisions with confidence.

Kick-start your business transformation journey

Canon Consulting Services enable you to approach your business challenges and make fact-based decisions with confidence. Utilizing a core team of analysts and implementation specialists, we take a holistic approach to improving your business operations and processes with a structured analysis and assessment. Our consulting engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Solutions Consultants with accreditations such as Information Governance Professionals, Certified Records Managers, Certified Information Professionals and CDIA+. We utilize best practices, proven techniques, such as project management and Six SigmaTM methodologies, and leverage our broad-based, in-depth knowledge across a wide range of clients and industries.

A Business Process Assessment Is a First Step in Achieving Operational Efficiency

The Canon business process assessment is an in-depth, multiday consultative review of an organization’s information management program and supporting systems, resulting in an assessment report, process improvement recommendations and detailed next steps to follow. The business process assessment compares actual performance with potential optimal performance. You receive a comprehensive appraisal of work processes, technology and users to determine where efficiencies can be gained and the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. The analysis involves numerous workshops and/or interviews, with such stakeholders as vendors or partners.

The purpose of the business process assessment is to perform workshops to fully comprehend the current records program, its maturity and any obstacles to overcome to build for the future. Operations, policies, procedures, labor utilization, governance, compliance, enforcement and audit processes and technology tools are examined.

The results of the on-site analysis will be a detailed findings report. This serves as a comprehensive historical record to confirm your efforts and proof of behavior to date and any recommendations, budgetary estimates and timelines for change. Once the report has been presented in a formal setting, Canon is prepared to offer continued support and guidance since implementation and ongoing administration are often complicated and time-consuming. Proven training mechanisms are also available to ensure that your investment in the assessment process is realized.

Get Started in Your Business Transformation with a Canon Business Process Assessment

A Robotic Process Suitability Assessment Gets You on the Right Path to Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Robotic process automation has generated a lot of excitement over the years. As a result, many organizations have created pilot projects. A successful implementation of RPA identifies the right processes for it. One thing learned is that the business processes involving contextual review are not suited for RPA and should be managed offshore. RPA creates opportunities to automate repetitive, and in many cases, manual business processes. For those cases, RPA provides improved accuracy and compliance, cost reductions and scalability. What success can RPA bring to your business? For that answer and more, consider an RPA Suitability Assessment.

A Business Value Assessment Creates the Business Plan to Address Your Operational Efficiency Challenges

A Canon business value assessment provides, in a relatively short time period, a business plan to address an operational challenge. As part of the assessment, Canon will visit your main office and one or more remote offices to work with your stakeholders to define a specific strategic roadmap. This can include technology, people and process to achieve your key business goals and to quantify the expected return on investment. Partnering the framework of information governance with the rigor of business process outsourcing, the business value assessment is the initial step for building a high-level vision and business plan for your company’s future. As a result of engaging Canon Consulting Services, you will have a matrix of all findings with an ROI for: the alignment of line-of-business needs and IT management for common and prioritized sets of business capabilities, a strategic operational roadmap and vision, leverage of existing assets based on a technology review, and a high-level business case to advance your key business initiatives.

Canon Business Value Assessment Addresses Your Operational Challenges

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