Canon Business Process Services realizes that every company has its own unique operational requirements and challenges—from managing data and processes to becoming a paper-light environment. We begin by analyzing your entire business process landscape, so that we can bring maximum business benefits and recommend a best-in-class solution to meet your business goals.

The Canon Business Processing Centers (BPCs) are well equipped to execute on the optimal design and deployment for the best onsite, offsite or offshore solution. The BPCs act as an extension of your business that can perform the processing of documents for an extensive range of business needs. The facilities operate 24x7 and offer a range of services, including workflow and form design, quality digitization of hard-copy documents, search-enabled images, historical or vital records preservation, indexing/coding, transactional processing, digital distribution and retrieval on a project or ongoing basis.

Quality Management Principles And Continuous Improvement

Canon Business Process Services takes a comprehensive quality management approach that is centered on Six Sigma methodology. Our program can provide visibility into operations for informed and timely decision-making. An analyst performs a labor analysis, understands indexing requirements and gathers the required data. At the BPCs, we employ a team with extensive electronic document management experience along with imaging and records specialists backed by proven, industry-leading software and hardware configuration. The team uses industry best practices to analyze and recommend a flexible, scalable solution that addresses imaging, indexing and shredding requirements.

Imaging Services to Ensure Immediate and Easy Access to Business-Critical Information

Companies are turning to document scanning services as a means to increase efficiencies, control costs and mitigate risk. Managing digital content involves much more than simply converting paper documents into another medium. It includes the capture, retrieval, display, distribution and ultimately enhancing the accessibility of documents.

State of the Art Technology

The BPCs deploy state of the art technology to provide a high-volume, scalable digital imaging solution. The facilities have production capabilities exceeding 10 million images a week. It also delivers image files and is metadata compatible with virtually any enterprise content management system, database or other application. Optical character recognition technology enables image files to be converted into text files that can be edited or searched. The BPCs employ intelligent data extraction techniques coupled with the "learning" capabilities of the platform to allow for continuous improvement in the form of data recognition.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Canon Business Process Services’ hybrid global service delivery model is supported by secure, cloud-based technologies and is flexible, reliable and scalable. Our U.S. business processing centers offer centralized offsite capture services. Skilled staff members at our modern, security-certified offshore operations perform high-volume indexing, coding and other data entry and information processing services.

Paper documents scanned anywhere during the day can be securely accessed and processed overnight at our centers in either the United States or Asia to speed cycle time and improve customer satisfaction. Our delivery approach is structured to analyze and adapt to the needs of each client, and help advance its business.

The Canon Hybrid Delivery Model For Business Transformation

Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The Canon BPCs provide robust security protection that ensures clients’ documents and data are secure, safe, reliable and readily available. Industry standard firewalls exist at multiple data points to ensure multilayered security and intrusion prevention. Canon Business Process Services goes to great lengths to protect confidentiality according to HIPAA and other relevant regulations by preventing unlawful access, use, disclosure or destruction of private customer information. Administrative, physical and technical processes have been implemented to ensure the integrity and authenticity of private health information for all clients.

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