Five Areas in Which Business Process Outsourcing Can Improve Your Business

Companies are constantly challenged to reduce costs, increase efficiency and redirect resources to meet their business goals. Many leverage Canon Business Process Services’ outsourcing solutions to get the job done.

Business leaders constantly grapple with the need to increase profit, improve operational efficiency and avoid commoditization by adding value to the products and services they offer. If that weren’t enough, there is increased regulatory scrutiny along with fast-moving competitors, and shareholders seeking higher returns to deal with.

In order to solve these challenges, an increasing number of enterprises are finding the solution they need in business process outsourcing. For example, by outsourcing all or part of your accounts payable, application forms or insurance claims processing to proven managed services providers like Canon Business Process Services, your company can gain significant advantages. These include greater staffing flexibility and shorter cycle time for processing documents such as invoices and increased productivity. One way to achieve such benefits is by teaming with a provider that can implement the kind of process improvement and automation solutions necessary for advancing your enterprise to the next level.

If you are a business leader looking to increase your company’s productivity and drive its growth in the days ahead, here are five areas in which business process outsourcing can improve your business.

Source-to-Pay Outsourcing Services

CFOs face challenges with their S2P transformation initiatives. These challenges typically fall into the three categories of people, process and technology. Our comprehensive S2P outsourcing services address each of these categories. The Canon Source-to-Pay delivery model enables a scalable infrastructure for growth that includes: designing new workflow processes; enabling a greater level of visibility into spend; instituting a governance model; providing flexible teams that can be located onsite, offsite and/or offshore; managing your workforce and implementing state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology. The Canon S2P Services include: outsourcing all or part of your sourcing, procurement and accounts payable process, Six Sigma and lead-based process analysis and design, technology efficacy analysis, source-to-pay automation tools, dynamic discount program management, supplier information and risk management and supplier network onboarding.

Document Scanning and Workflow Automation

Rather than realizing the benefits of digital workflows, many organizations still grapple with diverse paper-based inputs. The reason is that they lack the expertise to achieve savings and productivity gains by automating manual, paper-based processes that are too slow and consume too many resources. Canon can consolidate and digitize high-volume transactional documents as you receive them, as well as index, code and merge them into your workflow. This makes the documents easy to store, retrieve and manage.

Claims and Applications Pre-Processing

To maintain a competitive edge, enterprises often face pressure to cut costs in their front-and-back-office processes. Processing insurance claims and student financial assistance applications are two examples. Canon works with leading insurance companies and academic institutions to help improve productivity, shorten cycle time and transform workflows. One way that we accomplish these gains is by implementing best practices. These include centralizing the receipt and capture of hardcopy and electronic documents, and implementing electronic workflow and systems that facilitate more efficient review, exception resolution, coding and approval.

Robotic Process Automation

New technologies such as robotic process automation are creating opportunities to automate repetitive processes and more efficiently achieve your business goals. Robotic Process Automation offers the potential to have software robots execute your current processes faster and more accurately, 24x7. This can help increase your return on investment and achieve other significant benefits such as improved accuracy and compliance, cost reductions and scalability. Organizations are implementing RPA to automate their key business processes and realize important advantages. What are some of the gains? Rather than the technology itself, Robotic Process Automation’s value is based on a number of business benefits that it can yield, including improved productivity, increased accuracy, enhanced resource utilization and better analytics.

Warehouse Distribution and Outsourcing

You face a difficult business scenario. While the complexity and velocity of your company’s supply chain continues to grow exponentially, demand for top quality service remains at an all-time high. In addition, you are asked to cut costs; yet, at the same time improve service levels, productivity and efficiency. Our comprehensive, integrated Warehouse and Distribution Services include distribution and inventory management, warehousing and business support services to help you address your most difficult challenges. Our broad range of services includes logistics, shipping and receiving, environmental stewardship, warehousing and packaging, distribution and storage, quality control, technology and equipment management. Canon provides safety-trained, full-time warehouse employees and removes your burden of hiring, managing, training and developing staff. We identify your challenges and leverage our teams in operations, human resources, safety, IT and procurement to identify the right talent to drive performance and results.

How We Can Help

We can help drive productivity growth and savings in these five critical areas—as well as others in your organization—because we recognize that a well-planned, smooth business operation is the foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

This vision is not only supported by over 30 years of experience helping clients successfully implement such transitions; it has been reinforced by industry recognition from such organizations as the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

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