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Gaining a competitive edge and driving sustainable business growth continue to be priorities for today’s leaders. To help businesses leverage industry best practices and improve operational performance, Canon Business Process Services optimizes the people resources, processes and technology to deliver operational excellence. Utilizing the right principles and tools such as Six Sigma can provide improved quality and execution efficiency while reducing risk and cost. 

As your outsourcing partner, Canon Business Process Services is committed to the ongoing success of your business as a whole. Our holistic approach to operational excellence begins with an assessment — based on Six Sigma, 5S, and other methods geared to improve your operations — and concludes with a Canon team managing and continuously monitoring processes that we’ve worked with you to redesign and optimize.

During the design phase of our approach, we’ll collaboratively determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) against which we will measure the ongoing health and growth of your operations. Your KPIs and SLAs might include faster turnaround times, reduced costs, and increased accuracy. Whatever your desired results, your team will be able to monitor them in near real-time with powerful performance-management tools.

Proof of operational excellence differs from business to business. The Canon approach to business process management helps you determine which solutions best fit your operational needs, then allows you to use real data to measure performance of those solutions.

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Business leaders must overcome the challenge of attracting and retaining talent who have the skills to deliver desired business outcomes.

Every organization wants a high-performance workforce with the industry experience and expertise to drive the business forward. Finding, recruiting, retaining and managing the best talent with specialized skills has always been a priority, as well as difficult given the time and resources needed for employee on-boarding, ongoing training and the daily supervision of staff.

Canon Business Process Services can help you build a workforce by filling the non-core but critical positions. By leveraging our services, your business can scale up or down quickly according to your business objectives. We recruit, screen, hire, and retain top talent in alignment with your corporate-wide and job-specific requirements, making sure we secure the right people for each role:

  • We employ workers in Industrial & Logistics Environments to fill your light industrial, assembly, and technical specialist positions. We screen each potential employee for relevant physical capabilities and technical certifications.
  • We’ll help you maintain a well-managed office and daily operations with Professional Administrative Staff, comprised of workers who can coordinate meetings and conference room schedules, perform shipping and receiving tasks, staff your reception areas, and more.
  • Additionally, we provide management for our wide range of outsourced processes. When you engage Canon, you benefit from the end-to-end service of a dedicated team.

Canon Business Process Services is a true business partner that ensures the flexibility needed during business spikes. Canon makes certain that the right people are in the right positions to provide maximum results.

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The back office of most organizations is where many administrative tasks dedicated to running the enterprise take place. Although back-office operations might not be a core competency of your company, effectively managing these activities — such as maintaining records and processing applications, claims and other forms — can be a major element of business success. An inefficient back-office operation, on the other hand, can potentially compromise your company’s reputation for quality service, increase risk due to noncompliance with industry regulations, exhaust internal resources, and wreak havoc in other ways.

We can help your enterprise avoid these pain points.

Team with Canon Business Process Services and leverage our years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of back-office solutions. For example, our document imaging services can significantly decrease cycle time for processing forms such as credit card and loan applications. This includes our ability to digitize your documents either on-site, or at our off-site and offshore business processing centers. We leverage these capabilities through our flexible, integrated service delivery model that can offer you significant savings in labor costs.

Additionally, our records and information management services can enable you to better manage data in the form of corporate documents and records, which are among your organization's most vital strategic and operational assets. By leveraging our print services, your company can streamline its transactional mail, including bills and account statements. Visit the Services page of our website to learn more about all of the services we offer. You’ll also find information on industry trends, case histories and more.

By working with Canon Business Process Services, you can also take advantage of our Business Process Outsourcing Value Cycle Methodology. This approach begins with an assessment of your current processes, and continues long past implementation to include results tracking that helps ensure continuous improvement. Bottom line: We can help you find tailored solutions designed to drive business growth and success.

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Since the dawn of commerce, all successful business managers have had to control the cost side of the business equation. While that may sound simple, understanding the costs and adjusting strategies to always maintain an optimized cost posture is not simple.

As a service provider, we compete for your business. Procurement professionals expect the most competitive cost, the most efficient service, and solutions that make their operations smart. That’s why we can assure clients that our labor costs are benchmarked and tied to market rate. Similarly, our analysts are in touch with the cost of materials, equipment, technology and services that we are responsible for controlling on behalf of clients. Through a bid process, we select best-in-class suppliers and negotiate every expense for our client. We may also reduce client’s costs by purchasing at lower rates under our contracts. Finally, we use our Lean Six Sigma and technology experts to redesign processes and implement change. These changes typically reduce the client’s footprint in labor, facilities, overhead, and long-term liabilities. And, to minimize on-site costs, our solutions may include using lower-cost Canon processing centers offshore.

While the common theme in all our services is providing more value, we also offer services that specifically focus on reducing costs. The Canon Document Needs Assessment is our assessment methodology specifically designed to reduce the cost of office print. The Canon Records Needs Assessment is our methodology for reducing the cost and risk associated with Records and Information Governance.

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Containing the high cost of litigation is a challenge for even the most seasoned practitioners. Law firms and corporate legal departments continually explore ways to make costs lower and more predictable.

With decades of experience serving the legal community, Canon Discovery Services offers an experienced team of skilled discovery professionals to manage discovery and investigatory projects, meet tight deadlines, and develop plans that stay within budget. Canon assists clients with discovery, counsels them on implementing effective records management practices, and establishes consistency in discovery practices.

We listen to our clients and collaborate to develop a customized, cost-efficient, reasonable and defensible plan tailored to the size, scope and discovery needs for individual matters, related matters and practice groups. This customized approach provides increased efficiency, greater visibility into costs, and a better adherence to budgets.

Some of the largest law firms and corporate legal departments depend on Canon Discovery Services to develop effective, practice-tested solutions for the most complex discovery challenges. The Canon team has over 30 years of experience helping organizations deal with the scope of discovery and with evolving regulatory requirements.

Canon has helped clients comply with the EU’s Privacy Directive; investigate data breaches; assess and mitigate data management risks; and implement defensible, cost-effective discovery response plans.

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Records management has evolved to encompass information management and governance. Why is this important? Because understanding the implications of this development and taking action to strengthen your organization’s information governance across the enterprise is critical to success. Alternatives include putting the security of your business data at risk, damaging the efficient flow of information within your enterprise, and jeopardizing relationships with your customers and other stakeholders.

The question is, how can you begin to tackle the complexities of either improving your current information governance program or creating a new one? One answer is to partner with Canon Business Process Services. Leverage our years of experience helping companies across major industries implement and manage information governance programs that are aligned with the latest industry thinking, best practices, proven approaches and advanced technologies.

We can help you efficiently and cost-effectively solve challenges and build a significantly enhanced program. These challenges might include, for example, crafting a transition plan, constructing an information governance framework, creating a committee for sponsorship, ensuring employee education, implementing dashboard analytics and training, and more. You may want to visit our Records & Information Governance Services Section. There you will find details on our services, approach, and examples of how we worked with organizations to launch programs that have helped increase operational efficiency, lower costs, mitigate risk, and yield many other vital business benefits.

Efficiently and safely managing an ever-increasing volume of data is not easy. However, that is precisely what we can help you achieve. Team with us to better control one of your most powerful assets — information — with a governance program that is smart, sustainable and cost-effective.


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