Proven methods to help your business reduce costs, boost efficiency, and meet strategic goals.


Business Process Outsourcing

Optimizing business process cycles, while becoming a more efficient and adaptable organization

Corporate Campus Logistics

Rely on expert management for large operations and campuses

Digital Intake Center Services

Streamline the flow of information within your business to improve response times and increase efficiency

Discovery Services

Rely on discovery experts for minimizing discovery costs and attorney review time

Imaging Services

Bridge the manual and digital workflow divide

Mail Services

Streamline the flow of incoming and outgoing mail and parcel

Managed Workforce Services

Outsource employment of highly skilled and reliable workers

Office Support

Rely on experienced staff to keep office operations running smoothly

Print Services

Take a strategic approach to print and copy management

Records & Information Governance

Mitigate risk through an effective information management program

Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation is creating opportunities to automate repetitive processes and more efficiently achieve your business goals.

Source-to-Pay Outsourcing Services

Achieve a source-to-pay digital transformation and improve supply chain efficiency with a smart approach to people, process and technology.

Warehouse and Distribution Outsourcing

Achieve high performance with a holistic approach to your supply chain

Workplace Experience Services

An impeccable service committed to creating remarkable experiences


A unique approach for achieving results

Customized Solutions

We help you achieve operational excellence. This could mean saving money, paying invoices faster, reducing risk and much more. One way we deliver operational excellence is by providing a greater level of customization than competitors; integrating more tightly with your culture and technology when implementing a solution.

BPO Value Cycle

Our approach to delivering operational excellence spans five steps along the Business Process Outsourcing value cycle: assess and analyze, design process, transition, manage operations and improve and control. On this path you journey from an assessment of your current state to a desired future state, which includes continuously improving your business processes.

Quality Management

You can realize significant business benefits via our expertise in quality management methodologies and tools. Hundreds of our specialists have completed Six Sigma training. These trained professionals monitor outsourced document processes in order to uncover and eliminate waste and defects as well as continuously improve performance.

Integrated Service Delivery

Our integrated global service delivery model enables you to run your business processes more efficiently. We can deliver document capture and other data processing services onsite at your location; offsite in our U.S. business processing centers; and offshore via our Asia-based operations, leveraging different time zones for faster cycle time and lower cost. Learn more on our About Us page.

Transition Methodology

When we begin a transition, our goal is that every person in your organization will notice a positive difference from day one. Our ability to meet this objective is based on successfully implementing comprehensive transition plans at numerous client installations. This in-depth experience is part of what makes our approach work.

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We have over thirty years of experience helping clients gain staffing flexibility, shorten cycle times, reduce costs and increase productivity through process improvement and automation.

You Get Visibility into Performance for Sound Decision-making

BusinessInsights, the Canon performance management platform, measures performance against pre-established metrics. You can be confident that service level agreements and KPIs are aggressively monitored. When we onboard new clients, we take the time to understand business stakeholder needs, including service level agreements (SLAs) and performance targets to capture and report on what is relevant and actionable. Working together we create the dashboards and data views that can systematically enable continuous improvement.

How have we helped clients in major industries succeed?

Success Stories
Rx for materials management
Hospitals depend on their medical supplies to thrive—and so do their patients. We helped a top children’s hospital manage its supplies distribution process so the hospital could focus on what was really important: making children’s lives better.
Success Stories
From strategy to reality
Our client, a diversified financial services leader with over 10,000 employees, had millions of client accounts of its own. Credit cards, loans, and savings products were its business—but in the office, the financial company struggled to maintain a growing number of printing devices.

Industry Recognition

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