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Rely on Efficient Logistics Management for Large Operations and Campuses

Large corporate campuses face demanding operational logistics needs. They must receive, store, fulfill, distribute, inventory, replenish, and manage a diverse array of materials and services that are vital to daily facilities operations as well as the productivity and well-being of thousands of employees. As a result, many do not want to take on the complexity of the logistics management function, staff, and technology. 

That’s why Canon Business Process Services provides a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient logistics management solution for corporate campuses. Our trained staff expertly manages and controls inventory and materials in specialized environments such as manufacturing and healthcare.

Workplaces and spaces are evolving. 

While many companies allow employees to work from home, many other employers are building new work spaces that bring together thousands of employees in one corporate campus location. These multi-acre sites consist of office towers, retail shops, wellness centers, warehouse facilities, parking and a campus-like environment, designed to encourage collaboration, foster innovation and provide an engaging employee experience. But to operate large locations, Facilities Management executives are facing a facilities logistical challenge

  • How to coordinate the movement of supplies, materials, people, and services supporting thousands of employees safely, timely, and at the lowest cost possible? 
  • How to dispatch and respond in a timely manner to hundreds of calls a day for a variety of services?
  • How to maintain optimal inventory for hundreds of consumable products needed to support employees and maintain the facility?
  • How to transport people, supply conference rooms, meeting rooms and café’s, or move furniture and equipment safely and on schedule?
  • And how to do it all with the least number of vendors, least safety and security incidents, and highest customer satisfaction?

Why Canon for Corporate Campus Logistics?

We combine a 30+ year record of safe, reliable on-site operations at our clients' largest facilities. Today Canon delivers corporate campus logistics services across numerous sectors, including energy, automotive, healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical and is the provider for the largest professional campus in the world. Utilizing proven Six Sigma process improvement methods that are supported by warehouse management, transportation and facilities cloud-based materials management software, Canon ensures a streamlined implementation of facilities and logistics management with little or no need for IT systems integration.

Canon Corporate Campus Logistics Service Blends Professional Logistics and Technology with Soft Facilities Management Services.

Corporate Campus Logistics Services Overview

  • Campus Logistics Assessment
  • Dispatch and Customer Service
  • Supply and Demand Planning for services and supplies
  • Shipping & Receiving + Manage international, domestic, local couriers
  • Material Handling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Intra/Inter-Campus Transport
  • Manage Vehicles, Equipment, and Logistics Systems
  • Safety Procedures and Policy Enforcement
  • Third-party Vendor Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

Workplace Services

  • Mailroom Management
  • Central Reprographics Management
  • Imaging Center Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Reception and Switchboard Services
  • Office Supplies Management
  • Conference Room Setup
  • Audio Visual Management
  • File Room/Records Management

Facilities Services

  • Facilities Services Help Desk
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Support
  • Badge Access Controls and Access Security
  • Light Interior Maintenance and Project Management
  • Office/Workstation Setup
  • Furniture & Fixture Tagging and Inventory
  • Trash Removal and Recycling Services

In addition to serving the needs of facilities managers, Canon Corporate Campus Logistics Services also support IT, HR, Procurement, and Real Estate functions

Realize Real Benefits

Corporate Campus Logistics services clients benefit from:

  • One service provider responsible for day-to-day site logistical operations
  • Lower facilities support costs
  • The logistical site operation data we collect and use to maintain high customer satisfaction and hold the line on cost. This may include: number of calls for service, response time, time to complete the service, staff utilization, equipment utilization, etc.
  • Trained and industry-certified staff, on-site management, service delivery to SLA standards
  • Lower risk from improved safety and increased security vigilance

Innovative Corporate Campus Logistics: A Client's Perspective

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