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Business Process Outsourcing Offers Efficiency Gains

Global competitiveness and a challenging economic climate are driving enterprises to explore business process outsourcing to elevate performance and remain competitive. The struggle to meet ongoing operational needs can drain the essential resources needed to achieve strategic and revenue objectives. Improved efficiencies, reduced costs, streamlined operations and innovative solutions at a global level are core to meeting these goals.

Canon Business Process Services is a leading business process outsourcing provider that can improve and perform critical non-strategic business processes at lower cost, thereby freeing internal resources. 

Our business process services help organizations achieve their goals by blending our process design and implementation expertise with our BPO value cycle and Six Sigma methodologies. We provide an integrated service delivery model that enables Canon to manage services onsite, offsite or offshore along with the latest technologies to support new process design. Our team combines analysis, skilled transitions as well as performance management and bench-marking capabilities to achieve desired business outcomes.

We are agile, flexible and can customize unique end-to-end services for a variety of document processing activities spanning account payable, auto finance, credit card processing, insurance, student financial aid and legal discovery.

Streamline processes and improve operations

Gaining a competitive edge and driving sustainable business growth continue to be priorities for today’s leaders. To help businesses leverage industry best practices and improve operational performance, Canon Business Process Services optimizes the people resources, processes and technology to deliver operational excellence. Utilizing the right principles and tools such as Six Sigma can provide improved quality and execution efficiency while reducing risk and cost.

Address workforce challenges

Every organization wants a high-performance workforce with the industry experience and expertise to drive the business forward. Finding, recruiting, retaining and managing the best talent with specialized skills has always been a priority, as well as difficult given the time and resources needed for employee on-boarding, ongoing training and the daily supervision of staff. Canon Business Process Services can help you build a workforce by filling the non-core but critical positions.

Manage back-office operations

The back office of most organizations is where many administrative tasks dedicated to running the enterprise take place. Although back-office operations might not be a core competency of your company, effectively managing these activities — such as maintaining records and processing applications, claims and other forms — can be a major element of business success. An inefficient back-office operation, on the other hand, can potentially compromise your company’s reputation for quality service, increase risk due to noncompliance with industry regulations, exhaust internal resources, and wreak havoc in other ways. We can help your enterprise avoid these pain points.

Reduce and control costs

Since the dawn of commerce, all successful business managers have had to control the cost side of the business equation. While that may sound simple, understanding the costs and adjusting strategies to always maintain an optimized cost posture is not simple. As a service provider, we compete for your business. Procurement professionals expect the most competitive cost, the most efficient service, and solutions that make their operations smart. That’s why we can assure clients that our labor costs are benchmarked and tied to market rate.

Use an effective discovery strategy and develop an information governance program

Containing the high cost of litigation is a challenge for even the most seasoned practitioners. Law firms and corporate legal departments continually explore ways to make costs lower and more predictable. With decades of experience serving the legal community, Canon Discovery Services offers an experienced team of skilled discovery professionals to manage discovery and investigatory projects, meet tight deadlines, and develop plans that stay within budget.

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Business Process Automation Streamlines Process Cycles

Organizations continually strive to improve operations, efficiency and quality. Automation has been the conduit to not only achieve these goals but also provide greater processing speed and increased capacity. This has particularly been the case with repetitive back-office functions such as accounts payable and insurance forms processing.

Our business process automation expertise helps clients improve their overall performance by streamlining processes and leveraging new technology to provide seamless integrations with added functionality. Working with existing technology, utilizing Canon’s services, or integrating the two, our approach is to implement solutions that best meet your business objectives. At Canon, we are constantly evaluating technology and business innovation so we can continue to deliver improvements year after year. 

Some of the emerging technologies that will shape our service delivery may include cloud-based systems, analytic engines, robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive computing. New technologies are first introduced, validated and standardized in our business processing centers and then applied to solve clients' business problems.

A Holistic Approach to Operational Excellence for Measurable, Sustainable Improvement

Realize Business Process Improvements

Driving business improvements requires executive sponsorship, resources and expertise. Business process improvement initiatives often do not have clearly defined policies, procedures and management structure, leading to fragmented approaches across the enterprise. When outsourcing to Canon, clients can better meet these challenges by leveraging a holistic approach to performance management, our Six Sigma expertise and advanced technology.

Examples of our innovative approaches improving business processes include:

  • Replacement of off-shore manual data entry with automated data capture to increase effectiveness and reduce cycle time
  • Focus on total process optimization through the use of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources 
  • Integration of inbound and outbound transaction processing where mail, print, scanning and records activities work together, not independently. We may complete transactions significantly faster with more accountability and control.
  • Performance management tools such as Canon BusinessInsights for continuous improvement
  • Six Sigma process excellence experts who can help clients establish performance metrics, reduce defects, improve customer satisfaction and improve services and products

About Intelligent Data Capture and Transformation

Despite the availability of technology such as web forms, self-service portals and ecommerce networks, many business processes contain unstructured documents. Bottlenecks develop when unstructured data needs to be converted into digital format.

Canon meets this challenge with our Intelligent Data and Transformation platform. This platform is supported by our document scanning and processing capabilities that can be delivered onsite, offsite and offshore. Our platform accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, lifts specific data, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to workflows, business applications, and content and records management systems.

Canon Intelligent Data Capture and Transformation helps businesses:

  • Increase the speed of workflow and improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce manual errors and exception cost
  • Automatically index documents for records management and retrieval
  • Minimize risk and improve compliance

Canon uses Intelligent Data Capture and Transformation throughout the business process where structured or unstructured forms or documents are processed including:

  • Financial Services: credit card, lending, auto finance, international trade, collection/asset recovery, return mail
  • Commercial Insurance: insurance processing such as policy onboarding, policy servicing
  • Higher Education: student financial aid
  • Manufacturing: order processing, logistics, warranty returns
  • Human Resources: recruiting, on-boarding, benefit administration, records conversion
  • Healthcare: Member enrollment and provider database maintenance, explanation of benefits (EOB) forms, paper claims to EDI conversion for third-party administrators, managed services organizations and health plans

A Hybrid Solutions Delivery Model Gives You the Flexibility You Need To Solve Your Unique Business Challenges

Canon Consulting Services

Kickstart your journey to business transformation.

Canon Consulting Services enable you to approach your business challenges and make decisions with confidence. Utilizing a core team of analysts and implementation specialists, we take a holistic approach to improving your business operations and processes with a structured analysis and assessment. Our consulting engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Solutions Consultants with accreditations such as Information Governance Professionals, Certified Records Managers, Certified Information Professionals and CDIA+. We utilize best practices, proven techniques, such as Project Management and Six Sigma methodologies, and leverage our broad-based, in-depth knowledge across a wide range of clients and industries. 

Business Process Assessment

The first step in your optimization journey.

The Canon Business Process Assessment is an in-depth, multiday consultative review of an organization’s information management program and supporting systems, resulting in an assessment report, process improvement recommendations and detailed next steps to follow. The Business Process Assessment compares actual performance and potential optimal performance. You receive a comprehensive appraisal of work processes, technology and users to determine where efficiencies can be gained and the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. The analysis involves numerous workshops and/or interviews, including vendors or partners.

The purpose of the Business Process Assessment is to perform workshops to fully comprehend the current records program, its maturity and any obstacles to overcome to build for the future.  Operations, policies, procedures, labor utilization, governance, compliance, enforcement and audit processes and technology tools are examined.

The results of the onsite analysis will be a detailed findings report. This serves as a comprehensive historical record to confirm your efforts and proof of behavior to date and any recommendations, budgetary estimates and timelines for change. Once the report has been presented in a formal setting, Canon is prepared to offer continued support and guidance since implementation and ongoing administration are often complicated and time-consuming. Proven training mechanisms are also available to ensure that your investment in the assessment process is realized.

RPA Suitability Assessment

Experience improved accuracy with Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation has generated a lot of excitement recently. As a result, many organizations have created pilot projects. A successful implementation of RPA identifies the right processes for it. One thing learned is that the business processes involving contextual review are not suited for RPA and should be managed offshore. RPA creates opportunities to automate repetitive, and in many cases manual business processes. For those cases, RPA provides improved accuracy and compliance, cost reductions and scalability. What success can RPA bring to your business? For that answer and more, consider an RPA Suitability Assessment. 

Business Value Assessment

Deploy a solution for maximum business value.

A Canon Business Value Assessment provides, in a relatively short time period, a business plan to address an operational challenge. As part of the assessment, Canon will visit your main office and one or more remote offices to work with your stakeholders to define a specific strategic roadmap. This can include technology, people and process to achieve your key business goals and to quantify the expected return on investment.  Partnering the framework of Information Governance with the rigor of Business Process Outsourcing, the Business Value Assessment is the initial step for building a high-level vision and business plan for your company’s future. 

Information Management

A comprehensive program is essential to good business practices.

The data remediation challenge is to integrate processes and platforms in ways that will seamlessly manage and control your business information. Burgeoning technologies have brought new, often siloed processes that involve the creation and distribution of information and documents. These may include diverse functions such as records and database management, electronic mail management, and document printing and finishing.  Similarly, workplace collaboration tools, ERP, CRM and content management systems contain information in various formats, while facilitating workflows.

Canon can provide an advanced information management program that includes a wide span of services such as data remediation,  retention schedule development, document imaging consultant workshops, and file room purges.

Contact Canon today to learn more on how our customized consulting services can jumpstart your optimization project. 

Our Business Processing Centers Enable a Custom Business Model Based on Your Needs.

The Canon Business Processing Centers are well equipped to execute on the optimal business process with the flexibility to be onsite, offsite or offshore. The business processing centers act as an extension of your business for a broad range of business needs. The facilities operate 24x7 and offer a range of services, including workflow and form design, quality digitization of hardcopy documents, search-enabled images, historical or vital records preservation, indexing/coding, transactional processing, digital distribution and retrieval on a project or ongoing basis. Our centers are SSAE-18 as well as SOC 1® and SOC 2® certified by the AICPAs System and Organization Controls. 

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