As an insurer, you can improve your customer experience while simultaneously advancing the overall efficiency your business. Learn the practical steps you can take to deliver a best-in-class experience to your agents and policyholders.

1. Harness The Power of Effective Communication

Agents and policyholders lack visibility into their policies due to older, less efficient workflow processing technology. By delivering improved communication utilizing more advanced technology, users now have greater visibility into the workflow processes which can significantly reduce the amount of incoming customer service calls.

2. Increase Speed In Insurer Processing

In order to remain competitive, insurers must improve turn-around times. By streamlining form data ingestion into the workflow by line of business, underwriters can receive the new application and quotes in their queue faster and in “good order”. In addition, streamlining workflows using process automation is a critical element of success. New technology tools enable straight-through data processing, which drives greater data accuracy, faster processing, enhanced information accessibility and reduced operational costs.

3. Improve Overall Quality and Accuracy

With a need to “do it right the first time,” automation helps reduce human error and raise overall quality. By utilizing technology to identify information on incoming documents, insurers have the ability to quickly determine if the request submitted is in “good order” and then quickly route it into workflow.

4. Streamline Business With Omnichannel Enablement

Omnichannel enablement provides a holistic view of customer data and interaction, which can lead to departmental improvements and lower operational costs. This enhances your customers experience by using a framework for updating the agent and policyholder and is an approach that can be applied to any incoming media – whether it be email, paper mail, faxes or online forms.

5. Drive Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Auto-Classification Technology

By automating tasks that were previously labor intensive, sophisticated capture software can greatly reduce the time involved in manual document preparation and enhance the quality of scanned images. This can dramatically improve both the manual scanning productivity and the efficiency of the document capture process.

How Can Canon Business Process Services Help?

Canon uses an optimum mix of people, process, technology and performance management principles to provide insurance processing services that can deliver improved efficiencies and results. You can increase customer satisfaction, gain access to trained personnel and sophisticated technology with outsourcing all or part of these functions.

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