Among the 10 Fastest Growing Managed Services Providers this year is Canon Business Process Services. The firm, according to company President and CEO Joe Marciano, is focused on going beyond cost reduction to enable enterprises to run better and operate more efficiently. “We support this goal by partnering with clients to enable business agility, digital transformation and lead an increasingly evolving workforce,” notes Marciano. He adds that Canon solves these challenges by leveraging its experienced team backed by Six Sigma expertise and best-in-class technology.”

A Rapidly Changing Business Environment

Canon’s comprehensive array of Business Process Outsourcing Services is designed to help clients adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment. These services span information and document management, business process outsourcing, managed workforce services and warehouse and distribution management as well as legal discovery, source-to-pay, document imaging, managed print and records management services.

In addition to its wide-ranging services, industry recognition is another key factor supporting Canon’s status as one of the fastest growing managed services providers this year. The company was recently named a Global Outsourcing 100 Leader in 2018 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) for the twelfth straight year. For a number of years running, Canon has earned additional IAOP recognition by receiving top honors in the “Programs for Innovation” category, which recognizes a company’s ability to implement specific programs and resulting outcomes that produce new forms of value for clients.

Transforming the Supply Chain

One example of driving innovation and value for clients is Canon’s source-to-pay outsourcing services program. Recently, Canon announced its partnership with Tradeshift, the world’s largest business commerce platform. By leveraging Tradeshift’s platform, Canon is expanding its ability to help clients transform their supply chain including source-to-pay processes.

The partnership also better enables Canon to respond to an important industry trend. Driven by new business opportunities, emerging threats, and disruptive forces, a number of large enterprises are launching digital transformation projects. Enhancing supply chain processes including source-to-pay systems is a critical part of such transformation projects. In response to this scenario, Canon’s latest initiative is designed to help FORTUNE 1000 companies reach the highest levels of S2P performance.

“Transforming their supply chain is critical for organizations that want to maintain their agility and competitiveness,” says said Joe Marciano. “Through our partnership with Tradeshift, and by leveraging our approach spanning people, process and technology, we are in a prime position to help transform our clients’ source-to-pay process. Our combined offering of outsourced services and technology can allow organizations to achieve best-in-class benchmarks while focusing on their core business.” Canon takes holistic approach in implementing a S2P solution, which starts with an analysis of a client’s current staffing, processes and technologies to determine what is necessary to achieve the company’s transformation goals. Canon’s analysis provides clients with a breakdown of areas to improve and solutions for pressing challenges. In helping clients map their digital transformation journey, Canon brings to the table an inclusive set of S2P services that include:

  • Outsourcing for all or part of a company’s sourcing, procurement and accounts payable process
  • Six Sigma and lean-based process analysis and redesign
  • Technology efficacy analysis
  • S2P automation tools
  • Dynamic discount program management
  • Supplier information and risk management
  • Supplier network onboarding
“Transforming their supply chain is critical for organizations that want to maintain their agility and competitiveness." -Joe Marciano

Meeting the Workforce Challenge

In addition to transforming the supply chain, maintaining a high-performance workforce is another key element of success and competitiveness for many businesses. Enterprises face the constant balancing act of attracting and retaining the right talent while containing workforce costs. Finding, recruiting, retaining and managing employees with specialized skills have always been a priority for organizations. It is also a taxing process, given the time and resources needed for employee onboarding, ongoing training and daily staff supervision.

Canon’s managed workforce services offering helps organizations meet these challenges. The solution features a single point of contact, onsite management, and performance measurement and complete record-keeping. This includes not only managing the people and the work they perform, but also ensuring quality. While the agencies typically fill open positions, Canon brings in the management and talent, trains the staff and establishes the performance measurement so that the business achieves desired results. The Canon team acts as a true business partner that ensures the flexibility needed during business spikes. Canon makes certain the right people are in the right positions to provide maximum results.

A Glimpse into the Future

What is Canon’s overriding goal for the next few years? “We will continue to help clients by implementing what we refer to as intelligent solutions for the future of work,” says Joe Marciano. He adds that the way organizations conduct business is evolving dramatically due to cultural and technology shifts. Canon’s mission is to make sure its clients are ready for the changes to come.

By The Technology Headlines
Published in The 10 Fastest Growing Managed Services Providers 2018 Issue

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