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Using Intelligent Capture to Get Chaotic Incoming Documents Under Control

by Ken Neal
February 8, 2017

Another blog post by AIIM’s John Mancini addresses some of the many challenges enterprises face when trying to leveraging document capture solutions. In “5 Ways to Use Intelligent Capture to Get All Those Chaotic Incoming Documents Under Control,” Mancini says that organizations are not only capturing more documents, but more data from each document than ever before. He states: “The reality for most organizations is that they can’t keep up with those demands. Their antiquated information capture systems are getting in the way.”

Mancini adds a point that I and my colleagues have posted about several times. In today’s business environment, information might be coming into your organization from customers, employees in branch offices as well as from your mail room and other sources. Additionally, this data typically comes in as paper as well as via email, fax, website or mobile device. “What happens is that organizations are not set up to manage that information as it flows through those back-end processes to the systems and processes of record and to the knowledge workers who need it,” Mancini explains. (Mancini’s Digital Landfill blog post is available at info.aiim.org/digital-landfill.)

In addition to the insights Mancini offers for using intelligent capture to solve these challenges, I would add one more consideration: containing cost. I have posted previously that, according to my colleague at Canon Business Process Services, Reza Pazuki, Solutions Engineer, business process workflow experts have been writing for some time about the value of implementing an effective document capture strategy. Reza adds that to take advantage of that value, especially for cost containment, it is important to keep in mind that converting documents from physical to electronic format is a science.

If you missed my prior post, Reza has written an article that expands on these and other issues connected with effective document capture.

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