BPO Bulletin

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

by Ken Neal
May 23, 2016

I just read an interesting article in “Industry Today.” The piece, “Current Market Trends: Managed Print Services Market Globally”, concisely sums up why MPS should be on your radar screen, if it isn’t already. According the author, MPS offers “…dynamic optimization and management of document output devices and printing activities in various business processes. With the use of MPS, organizations can outsource their printing tasks and processes enabling them to focus on their core business processes. Thereby, organizations can achieve higher productivity and efficiency in their business operations by limiting the time and resources required for its printing activities.”

Our own white paper on MPS supports this. “Four Keys to Unlocking the Power of Managed Print Services” states that the benefits of MPS include “significantly reducing costs—in our experience by as much as 10-30 percent—over traditional approaches—as well as increasing efficiency, security and sustainability across the enterprise.” The white paper goes on to spotlight four key elements that companies should have in place so they can optimize their print management infrastructure. You can download the whitepaper on the Insights page of our website.

Additionally, fee free to visit the Print Services page of our website for additional information on industry trends and best practices as well as case histories and more.

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