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Soon-to-be Released Canon Survey on Facilities Management Challenges, Opportunities

by Ken Neal
December 9, 2015

This post is a heads up on our soon-to-be released survey. Every business day, corporate environments across the country function like small cities; managing a wide range of corporate campus logistics services such as warehouse and inventory management and specialty transport, as well as facilities support services and activities. Many of these activities, such as maintaining high customer satisfaction, the right staff levels and on-time delivery, are considered by facilities management executives to be highly important but also very challenging to direct. This and other findings will be explored in a soon-to-be-released survey report by Canon Business Process Services: “Achieving Service Excellence: Facilities Management Challenges and Opportunities in 2016.” The report is designed to help industry professionals better understand key challenges and opportunities associated with overseeing the services necessary to support the employees and site operations at medium- to large-size facilities.

Besides providing insight on what facilities executives consider their toughest and most important responsibilities, the survey report also will shed light on the importance of supporting corporate sites by effectively managing what we term corporate campus logistics. This is a specialized service that ensures the efficient flow of materials and people at large multi-building office campuses serving thousands of employees. It’s a complex discipline that includes coordinating shipping and receiving, which, again, survey respondents deem as highly important but also very challenging to supervise. Corporate campus logistics also incorporates activities such as safely transporting thousands of employees as well as suppliers and contractors to locations within the campus, tracking and warehousing countless materials to support daily planned and unplanned business and workplace needs, and much more.

Look for announcements during the next few months on our website about the release of the survey report. Additionally, you may be interested in reading our latest fact sheet: “Corporate Campus Logistics Services: Specialized Logistics and Facilities Support Services for Large, Multi-building Sites.”

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