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How Innovative Integrated Facilities Management Strategies Are Providing a Competitive Edge

by Ken Neal
January 10, 2023

Today’s businesses are grappling with several unique and emerging issues. Two of the most critical: technology and the evolving workspace. New technologies enable higher efficiency by creating a responsive, frictionless workplace and by connecting people, data and office space planning. At the same time, the purpose of the workspace is evolving, placing higher importance on workplace design, facilities management and office support services designed to optimize the workplace experience. Given today’s fierce competition for talent, this emphasis on workplace experience can affect recruitment, productivity, engagement and retention.

In addition, businesses are feeling inflation pressure. Global inflation is expected to rise to 8.8% in 2022 (up from 4.7% in 2021) — the highest it’s been in close to 40 years. To better adapt to today’s hybrid office model and set the stage for growth in a volatile economy, businesses need to reduce costs, leverage technology advances, boost productivity and improve the workplace experience. The good news is that innovative facilities management workplace strategies can help your company achieve these goals.

Why you need facilities management workplace strategies

If yours is among the many companies now asking employees to return to a physical office, you’ll want to make sure that office is appealing and offers amenities that get employees excited to return. If you can offer a flexible, attractive work environment, it will be easier to attract and retain the right talent.

A recent report from the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management and MillerKnoll found that facilities management considerations such as office design, technology, workplace policies, inclusivity and well-being are the primary considerations for developing a future-facing workplace strategy, with flexibility and personalized experience being key to employee satisfaction.

In other words, to compete for talent and ensure the highest operational efficiency in today's business environment, innovative facilities management strategies are critical. When combined with technology, this can transform a company’s workplace.

Optimizing the employee experience

To help implement and utilize new facilities management workplace strategies and technologies, organizations often partner with managed service providers like Canon. With a range of services designed to deliver world-class employee experiences, Canon’s approach to office services is focused on reducing workplace friction and developing relationships.

For example, we recently worked with a major pharmaceutical company to streamline facilities management and employee services. The program is innovative for its use of technology, in which motion sensors are used to control lights, maintain energy efficiency and measure conference room occupancy to enable our client to better utilize meeting space based on actual attendance. The technology can also cancel pre-booked meetings that no one shows up for, opening the space up for other people to use.

Additionally, the program enhances employee engagement and retention through its managed lifestyle amenities such as an office concierge, flexible workspaces to enable a changing workforce, reception services and events. In fact, Canon’s space planner and event manager coordinated more than 50 company events in nine months. Incentives like these are essential for creating an office environment that motivates employees to come to work by providing meaningful benefits they can’t get anywhere else.

Our cross-functional team of facilities, reception and office support staff enables us to deliver a consistent, high-quality and personalized workplace experience and service to clients. Team members are cross-trained to enable increased opportunities for career advancement and eliminate any potential gaps in service. Our facilities management and employee services include:

  • Floor ambassadors who serve as both the concierge service reps and oversee mail and package delivery.
  • Food pantry and coffee stations maintenance.
  • Conference room scheduling, set up and breakdown.
  • Office moves and desk set up.
  • Office supply ordering.
  • Registering on-site visitors.
  • Creating badges.
  • Tracking those who enter and leave the facility.

Clients not only report significant improvements to the quality of support services but also say that this integrated facilities management workplace strategy provides valuable support in helping employees return to work and function efficiently under a new hybrid work schedule.

The workplace evolution continues

Companies must continue to evolve the workplace to attract and retain top talent. Providing a “wow” experience for employees is a key component — especially as you plan for unknowns ahead. Companies must create an attractive space and include best-in-class amenities to encourage people to return to the office. And they must leverage technology to optimize office space and reduce costs.

Canon experts partner with you to understand how to deliver a consistent, high-quality, personalized workplace experience. Our facility, technology and employee services innovations provide the support and technology you need to help your employees function efficiently in today's new work environment.

Learn more about Canon’s Integrated Facilities Management Services to transform the employee experience at your company.

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