BPO Bulletin

Leading a Future-Ready Business: Leading Continuous Change

by Ken Neal
January 11, 2017

I have some news to share. Canon Business Process Services (Canon) in association with Hanover Research, a leading marketing research firm, has just issued a new report. “Leading a Future-Ready Business: Leading Continuous Change” reviews today’s hyper-competitive business environment and its future trajectory. The culmination of digital business, disruptive technologies, cultural, and demographic forces puts unprecedented demands on business leaders to navigate the opportunities and threats.

As the report points out, it is vital that business leaders design strategies to deal with changes to the operational environment. A necessary requirement for rapid decision-making will be data visibility: a facet that today is dramatically underutilized. In addition, approaching large-scale process redesign and simplification will involve re-imagining desired employee behaviors from the bottom up. To learn more, download the future-ready business report.

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