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Effective Document Capture: When Technology Can Help Reduce Costs

by Ken Neal
January 20, 2017

My colleague at Canon Business Process Services, Reza Pazuki, Solutions Engineer, points out that business process workflow experts have been writing for some time about the value of implementing an effective document capture strategy. Reza adds that to take advantage of that value, especially for cost containment, it is important to keep in mind that converting documents from physical to electronic format is a science.

Reza has written an article that expands on these and other issues connected with effective document capture. Read the article HERE.

One key point the article highlights is that while the production workflow from a high level is basic in nature, the nuances that are involved in each step can vary significantly. A basic conversion workflow is comprised of document intake, preparation, scan, data entry, quality control, export and disposition. How each step is constructed can have dramatic implications on the cost of the overall project. In particular, the data entry process can be designed using either manual data entry or OCR (optical character recognition) data extraction, and it is important to know when to use one versus the other. Fortunately, there are key indicators that experts have identified. These indicators, which Reza spotlights in the article, can help in determining which data capture methodology you should consider implementing in order to minimize cost while maintaining quality.

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