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Document Capture: The Force Behind Digital Transformation

by Ken Neal
November 16, 2016

A blog post by AIIM’s John Mancini caught my eye. In “3 Ways Document Capture is Changing,” Mancini states that “There is a growing realization that information capture is the foundation for digital transformation.” This view is supported by AIIM research, which found that 57 percent agree with the statement, “We are committed to digital transformation, and paper-free is an essential starting point.” Mancini goes on to say that “Capturing information as early as possible—and engaging customers at the same time via mobile capture solutions—is key to any transformation strategy. (Mancini’s "Digital Landfill" blog post is available at info.aiim.org/digital-landfill.)

Our business process workflow experts have been writing for some time about the value of implementing an effective document capture strategy. This includes an article by our Ted Ardelean published in Workflow magazine and available online at workflowotg.com. The piece, “Turning Hidden Document Data into Value that can be Mined,” focuses on how today’s businesses are facing many challenges as technology innovation transforms how and where business is conducted.

Among other trends, Ted points to a key innovation in document capture, namely, moving away from manual data-entry offshore to leverage modern Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and associated business rules and workflow technology at the point of document capture. Ted states that “Customers are awakening to the benefits of applying intelligence and quality control at the document first-point-of-touch to eliminate errors and apply computer processing power on the data being captured.”

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