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Being Future Ready: The Digital Business Transformation

by Ken Neal
June 7, 2017

This is the first in a series of posts looking at key ways your enterprise can be “future ready:” on pace to compete in today’s—and tomorrow’s—hyper-competitive business environment. This column shares insights on how fast-changing technological innovation is disrupting established business practices within companies across all major industries, and moving organizations toward a radically different future environment. Toward this end, I will spotlight five significant findings based on our report, Leading a Future Ready Business: Vision 2025, The Digital Business Transformation. We recently released the report in association with Hanover Research.

In order to keep up in the business world and remain competitive and cost-effective, companies must not only emphasize investment in new technologies, but also in managing broader change associated with digital business. The latter has shifted from the province of distinct system acquisitions and transformation initiatives into mainstream operations. With this in mind, here are five key findings from our report:

  • Business processes from the back office to the customer interface will undergo transformation over the next decade.
  • Executives say that top priorities are now continuous process improvement and increasing the level of automation.
  • In a digital business, centralized control facilities will monitor core, extended, and outsourced service levels. Processes will be web, workflow, and self-service enabled.
  • Companies will increase their reliance on outsourcing general and administrative functions. But this time the outsourced services will be digital.
  • Digital business is a reality, and it is driving an accelerating pace of change. Yet only about a quarter of business leaders are actively responding.

Key topics covered in our report include: the rise of digital of business; an environment of continuous change; emerging digital business models; trends in business process execution and the business landscape in 2025. To learn more, visit the Insights section of our website to download the report.

Additionally, feel free to visit the Business Process Outsourcing Services page of our website to find out more about the comprehensive range of managed services and technology that we can deliver in order to help organizations contain costs, mitigate risk, achieve operational excellence and meet other business goals.

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