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Another Example of the Benefits of Workflow Automation

by Ken Neal
June 15, 2015

In my June 3rd post I stated that many companies are challenged to improve outdated document workflows so business transactions can be completed more efficiently. Some of these companies are meeting the challenge by implementing automation technology and strategies.

I also mentioned that a recent IDC Technology Spotlight we sponsored showed that organizations deploying services that digitally convert and integrate content within a workflow can achieve significant benefits.1 These advantages include time and cost savings as well as improved productivity, error reductions and increases in revenue.

In my post I spotlighted a case history example of how a bank used workflow automation to improve it accounts payable processing performance. I’d like to share another Canon client case study that illustrates the benefits of workflow automation. This example involves an insurance company that was scanning, indexing and coding documents including claims and customer correspondence. Parts of the company’s document conversion process were automated, but some key elements were missing, such as a comprehensive performance management system that could provide insights and critical data in real time.

Canon created a four-phase plan to meet these challenges. In phase one, Canon assumed management of staff and operations for receiving, prepping, imaging and coding time sensitive documents and entering them into the insurance company’s claims process workflow. In phases two, three and four our teams are addressing the need to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. This includes moving some of the imaging activities to Canon’s business processing centers in the U.S. and Philippines. With these workflow improvements, the insurance company has saved approximately $140,000 annually. We also implemented a performance management system. The insurance company now has an interactive dashboard that tracks key SLAs. These SLAs include tracking the day Canon receives an insurance claim and if that claim is scanned and uploaded into the insurance company’s systems by 5 PM the same day.

The Canon-sponsored IDC Technology Spotlight also highlights the annual returns that financial services, manufacturing and healthcare companies are obtaining by automating document workflows. For insights contained in other Canon Business Process Services white papers, survey reports and case histories focused on process automation visit the Insights page of our website.

1. IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Canon Business Process Services, Document Workflow Study: Implementing Solutions and Realizing Benefits. Adapted from Business Workflow Automation and Optimization Study Drivers, by Ron Glaz, and three reports: Pain Points that Drive Manufacturing, Healthcare and Financial, IDC #252543, #252417 and #251828

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