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Analytics and Digital Transformation are the REAL Reasons to Automate Financial Processes

by Ken Neal
December 2, 2016

Another blog post on digital transformation by AIIM’s John Mancini caught my attention. In “Analytics and Digital Transformation are the REAL Reasons to Automate Financial Processes,” Mancini states the following about reducing costs and improving the efficiency of financial processes: “Leveraging the capture and mailroom technologies and capabilities you already have, and applying this experience to get the fat out of financial processes is a great place to start.”

Regarding your current mailroom operation and capabilities, we would add that implementing a digital intake center, which combines mailroom and imaging operations under one roof, can yield powerful business benefits.

There are several advantages to this strategy. First, it drives efficiencies including cross-training staff to facilitate both mail management and document imaging processes. Second, it is easier to contain operational costs by situating mail and imaging operations in the same location. Third, a digital intake center strategy enables the enterprise to establish policies and procedures for overseeing other digital content that may be coming into the organization, such as emails. By passing emails through the digital intake center, the organization can implement a centralized, standardized approach to how all documents are handled, whether physical or electronic.

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