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A New Approach to Outsourcing Corporate Campus Logistics Services: Part 1

by Ken Neal
July 12, 2016

Our recent survey report on facilities management trends spotlights a significant new approach in outsourcing corporate services delivered at large corporate campuses with thousands of employees. These services, referred to as corporate campus logistics, can now be managed cost effectively, efficiently and under one contract with Canon’s new comprehensive outsourcing solution.

The survey report highlights the need for a more innovative, integrated approach to managing the full range of corporate campus logistics services. According to survey respondents, in today’s environment, facilities and real estate management professionals require a more sophisticated, coordinated and disciplined solution compared with the traditional, fragmented approach to managing corporate services at large campuses. This includes a solution that spans site supply and demand planning, warehouse operations, inventory and materials handling and transportation and delivery—all centrally managed to remove redundant activities and costs. Survey respondents noted that coordinating and centrally managing all of these logistics-related services at large corporate campuses is essential to success in today’s business environment, which requires the ability to contain costs while delivering quality service.

In my next post I’ll highlight new approaches to meeting these vital logistics services at large corporate campuses. In the meantime, feel free to read our whitepaper, “A New Approach to Outsourcing Corporate Campus Logistics Services” and view our case history video, “Innovative Corporate Campus Logistics Services, A Client’s Perspective.” Additionally, you can visit the Services page of our website for trends in business process outsourcing best practices, case histories, whitepapers and more.

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