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A Bright and “Cloudy” Future for BPO: Part Two

by Ken Neal
March 10, 2017

In my previous post for the future of BPO, my colleague James Allen, Director, BPO for Canon Business Process Services, discussed how cloud technologies are allowing companies in virtually all industries to positively transform their business processes.

In this second and final post in this series, James poses a key question. Why would you need a BPO provider rather than signing up directly with a cloud provider?

According to James, having a system or platform in the cloud is only part of the solution. Previously he talked about what cloud services provide. But what do they NOT provide?

  • SLAs (specifically, process-based service level agreements)
  • Digital conversion—key to get existing content into the cloud
  • Offshore capabilities—critical because there are always manual exceptions to processes
  • A trusted advisor—which every organization needs for hand-holding through major implementation/transformation projects

Over and above these reasons, James points out, it can be a dilemma for an organization to select a cloud solution for its business needs. How do you know that you are selecting a leading vendor? A trusted BPO provider can help you through the selection process by leveraging the provider’s existing cloud vendor partnerships. The right provider can also help smooth the transition process while minimizing disruption to your business.

In his experience, James notes that large technology projects often fail because they were poorly implemented, particularly lacking support for the significant change management effort that is frequently needed. Your BPO provider can help ensure proper implementation, giving you confidence that a project is being supported by best practices. Additionally, your provider can effectively manage those low complexity day-forward activities, which helps free up your employees for higher value activities.

Finally, James points out that it is important to know your organization’s focus. There is no doubt that Cloud SaaS solutions have had a positive impact on the BPO industry by accelerating IT enablement. The key question to ask when considering a business transformation initiative, says James, is whether your organization is seeking business improvements, or looking to the future and aiming for business growth. The difference in terms of how you proceed from your current state is significant.

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