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Forward-thinking companies are transitioning to a more agile work space, in which seating and desk space are often unassigned, provided as needed when employees are in the office. The goal is to attract the best talent, encourage collaboration, provide an engaging work environment and improve efficiency. Canon supports this strategic initiative with Canon Office Services. A suite of integrated services, Canon enables your organization to advance vital office activities into a streamlined, superior workplace experience for employees and potentially clients. 

A range of office services integrated to create a vibrant, engaging work space


Hoteling: A reservations based system of office management.
Reservation-based system of office management; employees schedule their use of work spaces (desks, cubicles, equipment, mobile file cabinets and meeting rooms) before they arrive at the office; daily refresh and maintenance of employee desk space and technology as well as meeting rooms ranging from chat rooms to team rooms and conference rooms; support employees that have questions about the company or need help with computers, audio/visual equipment and video conferencing systems, which are critical to maintaining personal connections in an agile work environment.

Concierge: Floor coordinators of ambassadors provide the first touch. 
Floor coordinators or ambassadors provide a wide range of services including: professionally greeting employees, guests and clients to create a strong first impression; coordinating meeting details including conference room reservation, catering and technology support as well as setup and breakdown; manage convenience facilities including copy/print rooms and break room/lunch areas. 

Mail and Print Center Management: Manage all inbound mail and shipping.
Manage all inbound/outbound mail and shipping including accountable mail with package tracking; digital mail solutions; print center management spanning initial assessment of enterprise-wide print and copy needs, right-sizing the multi-function device fleet, and implementing a document lifecycle methodology that integrates print and copy with mail and imaging.

Technology Implementation and Management: Integrate systems to streamline requests and promote self-service.
Implement and/or manage software solutions that support the an advanced office environment and help elevate the employee experience; applications span functions such as gaining insight into space utilization; streamlining service requests; making conference room and work space reservations; implementing virtual meetings and tracking packages.

Digital Document Management: Manage enterprise ECM and information governance program.
Significantly reduce paper usage, often a major consideration when moving to an agile work environment with less physical space; implement and manage integrated digital document management best practices such as maximizing offsite storage; converting documents from paper to digital formats; leveraging the use of multi-function devices to reduce print volumes/costs; instituting enterprise content management systems as well as information governance programs.

Employee Experience Management: A comprehensive suite of integrated services.
Our goal is to create and employee experience that is seamless, integrated, convenient and intuitive. We offer a customized suite of unified services to meet your objectives of an efficient, productive and vibrant work space.

Canon Office Services

Smart Solutions for Your Agile Work Space

Delivering these advanced services, backed by proven implementation expertise, is at the heart of Canon Office Services. We have helped some of the world’s leading enterprises assess, plan, implement, manage and continuously improve a comprehensive range of office services designed to streamline their daily workplace operations. 

Allow Your Staff to Focus on Moving Your Business Forward by Outsourcing Office and Administrative Functions

Well-executed administrative functions keep your business operating smoothly. To support your administrative needs, Canon Business Process Services can provide an experienced, in-house team to perform an array of office services and administrative functions from managing conference rooms, to reception area support, to special events planning and other administrative tasks. 

These secondary administrative support functions can consume your time and financial resources. Entrust your administrative needs to Canon—so you can stay focused on your core business.

Success Stories
Canon Advanced Office Services in Action
A leading institute that provides advice and research on major business and economic trends decided to move to a more agile workspace. Based on a positive experience over many years utilizing Canon’s outsourced mail and print services, the organization tapped Canon to help the firm transition to a new environment.
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