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Improve the Customer Experience, Expedite Insurance Operations Processing with Canon Insurance Services

Successful insurers thrive on efficient, cost-effective document management in order to drive the bottom line, maintain top quality customer service and continually gain a competitive edge. The right solutions enable insurance companies to face immense challenges processing claims, delivering statements on time and producing documents with accuracy, speed, and control.

Canon Business Process Services’ unique document process management and business process outsourcing solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of insurance companies. These needs span a comprehensive range: operations processing and technology enablement, document creation and fulfillment; document imaging, indexing and storage; on-demand document reprinting; information governance; and more.

The key point is that insurance industry leaders are focused on simplifying their business by sustaining operational excellence that drives the highest level of customer service. In many cases, this means outsourcing their non-core but business critical processes so they can focus on what matters most—growing their business. This is precisely where we can help. We offer a fully streamlined approach for insurance documents such as new business, endorsement processing, and claims using technology for data extraction. Additionally, via our Six Sigma–based methodologies, best practices and solutions architecture, we can help continuously improve business results such as faster and more efficient claims processing.  

Case in point: a company specializing in insurance, retirement and investment products wanted a partner to help it improve the business process imaging activities that support many of its critical documents. After teaming with us, our client achieved major business gains. These include cost savings of $140,000 annually due to increased operational efficiencies and reduction in labor costs by moving some document indexing activities to our offshore business processing center.

Partner with Canon Business Process Services to leverage new approaches, processes and technology that can transform your insurance business operations in the days ahead.

Claims and Insurance Processing Services

A new vision of claims processing is emerging. Insurers aiming for high performance in their claims operations are adopting a digitized, data-driven approach that seeks to reduce claims expenses, better identify fraudulent activity and provide a more personalized, customer-centric experience.

Canon provides the processing capabilities to efficiently digitize and manage electronically the inbound and outbound customer interfacing documents for claims, customer servicing, and policy administration.

Dozens of carriers chose to leverage Canon on-site, off-site and off-shore resources for routine work. Our claims processing services include:

  • Claims Imaging: We capture the document and extract its data, enriching the claim process with detailed information that is needed for an accurate settlement and risk management
  • Claims Workflow: We identify and route the documents and data within minutes of arrival, helping insurance carriers improve the customer experience and differentiate their products. We use one of the most advanced Document Processing and Data Extraction Platforms on the market. When combined with our deep expertise in mail, print, records, and we apply analytics, it allows us to help insurers build the most efficient processing center and dramatically improve their claims and servicing operations

Policy Servicing

Insurance policy administration and servicing functions face a number of challenges presented by multichannel interfacing requirements with customers, agents and brokers. Aging, legacy IT systems limit the ability to service customers in today’s omnichannel environment.

Canon’s long history managing the insurance industry mail, print, and digital intake centers provides a strong value proposition for insurance carriers. Our policy-servicing capabilities are built on top of this expertise. We work with Insurance carriers in P&C, Personal Lines, Life and Health.

Our emphasis on performance, process improvement, and technology enhancement enable us to deliver operational excellence, straight-through processing, improved customer communications, and reduced costs.

Canon services for Insurance Policy Servicing include policy changes/endorsements/new business, premium remittance/audits, disbursements, print to mail automation and fulfillment (from output to document design to mail insertion), scanning paper forms, x-ray film, automated document classification, automated data capture (OCR/ICR) and data validation, data entry for hand-written data, and return mail processing.

Canon offers a hybrid service delivery consisting of onsite, offsite, and offshore service to maximize flexibility, shorten cycle time and reduce cost.

Let Canon Provide An Impeccable Workplace Experience At Your Business

Your workplace is where people come together—employees, clients, visitors, business colleagues and others. These individuals are critical to the success of your company. Canon Business Process Services creates the finest employee experience supported by warm hospitality, leading-edge technology and premium workspace solutions. Benefits include employees who feel cared for, have access to exclusive services and view the office as a community and great place to be. Our program is the most comprehensive in the industry. It spans a wide range including trained, dedicated community managers, facilities and event planning management, office services and seamlessly anticipating employees’ daily business needs.

Together we can solve intricate challenges

James Allen

“We help insurers operate in an increasingly complex world. Together we can create significant opportunities to build and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage by helping our clients navigate increasingly complex challenges. Our technology and process improvement methodologies can expedite the claims handling process, allow rapid adoption to new market opportunities and navigate regulatory requirements. By leveraging our industry experience, technical expertise and customized approach, insurance organizations can keep pace with emerging industry trends."

James A.
Senior Director, Digital Transformation Services
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Insurance Leader Taps Canon For Business Process Imaging
An insurance company with over 75 years of success needed to streamline business process imaging activities. Canon Business Process Services managed each step of the process, incorporated advanced technology, and provided near real-time results. A great partnership was born.

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