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Reduce Costs and Streamline Hospital Operations with Canon Healthcare Support Services

Healthcare organizations continue to face many complex, wide-ranging challenges. During the past few years, three of them have consistently appeared on virtually every “top 10 industry trends” list. One is the need to maintain an unimpeachable information governance program with consistently well implemented and documented procedures. Inefficient recordkeeping puts protected health information at risk. This in turn increases the exposure of healthcare providers to financial penalties and legal action.

The other two key trends include reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. These are often intertwined as healthcare systems seek to contain the true cost of services so they can translate reduced spend and improved efficiency into superior patient care.

To meet these three goals, as well as others, healthcare organizations need the expertise and advanced solutions that Canon Business Process Services can provide. By teaming with us, you can improve critical activities that include: accounts payable processing; medical supplies distribution and inventory management; mail and records management including document imaging; billing statements covering hospital patient and physician services; and more.

What kind of results can we achieve? For one of the nation’s most highly rated healthcare organizations, we implemented a solution that is yielding many significant benefits. Among them: an estimated savings of $158,000 annually in records storage costs and a projected reduction in records management spend totaling $1 million within five years.

This is just one example of our commitment to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals so they can focus on mission—improving the quality of life for their patients and the communities they serve.

Canon Inventory and Materials Management for Hospitals

Canon is a leading provider of inventory and materials management services that help hospitals improve the quality of patient services and increase administrative and clinical process efficiency. Our services include:

  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Storeroom or Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution to Nursing floors, OR, ER, ICU, NICU, and Pharmacy Outpatient Sites
  • Pick & Pack and Kitting
  • Data Entry and System Update
  • Parring and Order Placement
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Damage and Returns Processing
  • Perishable Management
  • Shrinkage Control
  • HAZMAT Material Handling
  • Equipment Distribution

Canon Managed Services for Hospitals

Canon provides managed services that enable hospitals to focus internal resources on optimizing the patient experience. Our services include:

  • Document Imaging: Harness the power of automated data extraction to make your hospital more efficient, and your employees more productive
  • Discovery Services: Rely on Canon discovery experts for minimizing discovery costs and attorney review time
  • Print Services: With Canon your patient statements and mandated regulatory disclosures are printed and delivered according to schedule. We take care of procuring supplies as well as managing the equipment and operating the print center
  • Mail Services: Streamline the flow of incoming and outgoing mail and parcel
  • Office Support: Rely on experienced staff to keep hospital operations running smoothly
Let’s achieve results that make a difference

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“Healthcare organizations face many pressures such as controlling costs, enhancing information and data sharing, improving patient outcomes and streamlining materials distribution. We help clients solve these and other challenges so they can focus on delivering the highest quality patient care. For example, we enabled a hospital to decrease the time it takes to par, stock, pick and distribute medical supplies, while increasing inventory accuracy and reducing expired product risks. According to our client, these results make a difference on where they need to focus their attention.”

Mitch A.
Executive, National Accounts
Success Stories
Rx for materials management
Hospitals depend on their medical supplies to thrive—and so do their patients. We helped a top children’s hospital manage its supplies distribution process so the hospital could focus on what was really important: making children’s lives better.
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