Case Study
Top Pharmaceutical Company Innovates With Canon

A top pharmaceutical company needed an outsourcing partner to take on a comprehensive range of business support services. We began our partnership with the pharmaceutical company by optimizing its records department. We converted all paper-based employee records to an electronic system, making it easier to access the records and keep them safe from decay, while better preparing the company for FDA audits.

How a Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company Relies on Canon for Agility and Innovation

For any business, growth is good. Yet with growth comes the opportunity—and often the need—to examine and redefine how the business operates. When one of the country’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies hired 500 new employees, the company saw the need to improve its document management processes, records department, and print production capabilities. To complete the work, the company sought an outsourcing partner agile enough to take on disparate tasks, client-oriented enough to understand the company’s goals, and insightful enough to know how to reengineer operations in order to meet those goals. The company found that partner in Canon, trusting us to implement processes that could stand the test of time—and growth.

Building A Relationship

“In the first initiatives with Canon around document and records management, we saw excellent business results,” said the company’s director of business services. “We saw expertise they brought that we did not possess. This led us to ask, could Canon help us with our new hire program? Could they also help improve our facilities and office operations, and make our administrative services stronger?”

The answer was clear, and we were tapped to take on even more work. This included providing facilities management services and direct mail center operations including all incoming, outgoing and accountable mail. The facilities program included a Six Sigma®/Kaizen Event to reorganize the company’s conference rooms and print/copy room locations, realizing maximum efficiency and reducing costs.

“We saw expertise they brought that we did not possess." - Director of Business Services for the pharmaceutical company
Well Prepared For The Future Case Study

Adding Value

As a further way to provide our client with significant, added value we worked with the company’s human resources and IT departments to launch and manage a “concierge” program to provide direction and support during a new employee’s or contractor’s first 90 days on the job. Each new hire had a single point of contact who answered questions; secured the employee’s workspace, ID badge, and equipment; and made sure he or she could be productive as soon as possible.

Additionally, we now manage an administrative support system for senior executives, consolidating several outsourced approaches into a centrally managed approach that includes the hiring process, high-quality training, and ongoing professional development. The innovative programs that we launched and managed were the first of their kind at the company. While the programs aren’t core to the company’s pharmaceutical operations, they have helped to keep operations running smoothly—ensuring success for the company, no matter its size.

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