Case Study
Financial Services Leader Turns Print Strategy To Reality


Our client, a diversified financial services leader with over 10,000 employees, had millions of client accounts of its own. Credit cards, loans, and savings products were its business—but in the office, the financial company struggled to maintain a growing number of printing devices. Over time, the company amassed thousands of printers, fax machines, copiers, and multifunction devices (MFDs). The company was spending $400,000 a month to maintain the tangled web of devices—but the toll went beyond finances. The devices were inefficient and out of date. Only certain devices could print in color. Faxing was a manual process. Copiers weren’t secure, so anyone could access them. Employees, frustrated with the devices, overwhelmed the help desk with calls.

“Our printing devices should have been an asset to the company,” said a company senior executive. “Instead, they were a liability.” The company knew it needed to replace its legacy fleet with more technologically advanced devices. But even though the company developed an enterprise print strategy (EPS), implementing that strategy across thousands of devices—without disturbing business—was outside of its internal knowledge base. The financial services leader leaned on our expertise, trusting us to take its printing goals from strategy to reality.

Devising a Print Strategy

With our client’s EPS in mind, we devised a nine-month print strategy rollout that prioritizes the latest, most user-friendly technology available.

We acquired and installed devices and software that best fit the company’s strategy, serviced the devices, trained employees to use them, and managed the project end-to-end. Despite the nine-month rollout plan, the project was complete in just seven months.

Our print technology solution, a networked document production fleet, enables employees to quickly access a host of features:

  • Automated finishing (stapling, booklet making, and hole punching)
  • Scanning
  • Fax
  • User authentication and security
  • Digital document workflow

We designed the system to be consistent across the company, making it very easy to maintain—and reducing the stress on IT.

"Canon developed the print rollout plan and executed it flawlessly. It was our best rollout ever." - Financial services client
From Strategy To Reality

Value Difference

Since it deployed the new system, the company has saved $150,000 a month, or about $1.8 million a year. Service response time is just 2.5 hours, down from 4 hours. We eliminated almost 2,500 out-of-date devices. The new system is more eco-friendly than its predecessor, with print and copy volume reduced by 33%.

Best of all, the user-friendly print system allows the company to focus on what it does best: financial services.

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