BPO Bulletin

World Paper Free Day: Why it Matters

by Ken Neal
October 28, 2016

I just read a blog post by AIIM’s Bob Larrivee on "Here are 8 MORE Reasons Why Paper Free Day Matters". Bob did a post a while back on "8 Reasons Why World Paper Free Day Matters". That data was drawn from a 2015 AIIM survey. As Larrivee states, “Well here's 8 more from this year's research report, 2016 Paper Free: Are We There Yet?”

Larrivee adds that, “Since the 1980s, we have been hearing about paper-free businesses and the drive to move toward a more digital workplace. At the time, the technology and people were not ready for this transformation. Today, the approach to digitally transform businesses has shifted from a technology first perspective to a more business-centric approach, with paper-free processes becoming a focal point and opportunity for many organizations.”

Our records management experts in particular have been also writing about and sharing their perspectives on this topic for the past few years. This includes one article by our Melissa Carlis published in Workflow magazine and available online at workflowotg.com. The piece focuses on how Canon works with companies to help them go “paper-light,” not necessarily paperless. Done correctly, this approach can help companies control costs, streamline workflows and keep information secure.

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