Legal Services Brief

The Power of Information Governance

by Scott Paster
January 5, 2016

A recent Legaltech News article makes that point that enterprise data continues to grow, creating an information governance problem for all organizations. The author states, “Billions of documents, emails, text messages, IM’s and other content are created and moving throughout hundreds — if not thousands — of systems that are accessed by an incalculable amount of users. With this reality, it’s no surprise that organizations are struggling to access, make sense of, classify and secure their data.”

Another major point the article highlights is that while there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution or approach for every organization, there are important elements to consider when combating the Big Data sprawl. Here’s one: “A successful information governance strategy involves continuous understanding and proactive control of your information, from creation to disposition. Focus on an end-to-end approach in which all solution, such as archiving, EDRMS/records management, e-discovery, and supervision can operate together in a unified manner to delivery even greater value.”

The article ends by driving home the idea that the power of Information Governance is that it enables data and information to become an organization’s most valuable asset. However, very few companies know where to start when it comes to effectively leveraging their data to turn information into actionable insights that positively affect the bottom line. If this describes your organization to a greater or lesser degree, you may want to view our recent webcast, “Go from Records Management to Information Governance: How to Implement an Effective Strategy”. The presentation discusses ways to improve your records and information management today with an effective strategy and implementation framework.

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