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New Infographic: The Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing

by Ken Neal
March 25, 2016

Fifty percent of finance executives say that their biggest invoice processing challenge is receiving invoices in paper format.* As a result, a report from PayStream Advisors finds that more businesses are outsourcing select accounts payable (AP) activities like digitally converting invoices and entering them into the organization’s ERP system.

To learn other ways that businesses are partnering with outsourcing providers to overcome AP challenges, download the Canon Business Process Services infographic, "Keep Accounts Payable in House or Outsource?" Highlights include:

-- The top reasons why businesses outsource AP functions

-- The AP activities outsourced most often

-- Productivity gains businesses can realize after outsourcing AP

Feel free to visit the Accounts Payable Services page of our website for more information on industry trends including case histories, white papers, survey reports and more.

* Source: “The Case for Outsourcing Accounts Payable,” PayStream Advisors, October 2014

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