Legal Services Brief

Looking Ahead in Legal

by Scott Paster
July 17, 2015

A recent Legaltech News article made some interesting points about how technology offers law firms tremendous possibilities for growth and innovation, but turning potential into reality takes effort. For instance, the article states that new billing structures and client demands have driven innovation in the legal technology arena, with legal services becoming more of a commodity. Simultaneously, competition in legal has changed to include not only other firms, but clients increasing their internal teams as well. One answer to these challenges: firms need to innovate. We couldn’t agree more and thought you might enjoy reading the article while considering your own firm’s challenges and opportunities as we look ahead to the second half of the year.

You also might be interested in visiting the Legal Services page of our website to learn more about how tapping the right managed services provider—one with the right expertise, technology and capabilities—can help law firms effectively manage paper and electronic discovery on behalf of their clients. Additionally, our website offers more on industry best practices, case histories and whitepapers.

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