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Leveraging the Power of Document Remediation: Part Three

by Ken Neal
June 27, 2016

This is my final post in this series, in which I highlight a client case history that demonstrates how document remediation, as an important element of records management, can significantly help boost operational efficiency. At the center of the story is a major passenger rail service provider that decided to streamline access to important engineering information stored in its relational database.

By project completion over 700,000 documents were remediated (or “repaired). The company’s Engineering Design Department central repository is up to date and back on track. This significantly enhances operational efficiency and furthers the company’s goal of providing its customers with the highest quality service available.

The results of our solution yielded a wide range of benefits. These include the implementation of a document repository that now serves as a central system of record for all engineering documents. Additionally, the system’s user experience is much improved. Engineers now searching for documents and drawings can quickly receive an accurate, concise list of potential hits. Previously, this process required multiple searches across various repositories, often returning lists containing hundreds of potential hits.

Faster data access can also be counted as a major enhancement. Before remediation, retrieving drawings and other documents that facilitate repair work on passenger cars could take several hours. After remediation, this can process is often completed in minutes. Finally, customer service now operates at a higher level. Because important engineering information can now be accessed efficiently, the overall turnaround time for performing maintenance tasks has been reduced. As a result train cars are back on track and servicing customers much more quickly.

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