BPO Bulletin

Leveraging the Power of Document Remediation: Part One

by Ken Neal
June 16, 2016

For this and my next two posts I will highlight a client case history that demonstrates an important element of efficient records management: document remediation. The story concerns a major passenger rail service provider that decided to streamline access to important engineering information stored in its relational database.

The company needed a partner that could help significantly reduce the time it took to search and retrieve documents located in different repositories, content management systems and shared drives. The goal was to change the existing practice in which engineers filed information according to personal criteria rather than complying with an agreed-upon system. A key part of initiating a new approach would be to repair (or “remediate”) thousands of documents by ensuring they contained two metadata elements that would greatly improve searches: the drawing title and the drawing number (also known as the part number).

With our years of experience in information governance, including document management, imaging and remediation services, the company believed that Canon Business Process Services had the right technology, people and programming skills to get the job done on time and on budget. Together with our client we created a project plan that started with an analysis of the transportation company’s current system.

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