BPO Bulletin

Leveraging Hidden Document Data

by Ken Neal
September 16, 2015

Today’s businesses are facing many challenges as technology innovation continues to transform how and where business is conducted. One of the biggest challenges is integrating technology within business workflows. For instance, with the adoption of mobile technology, work is being conducted from multiple locations. The ability to conduct business anywhere and anytime is clearly changing human behavior and has a significant impact on the workflow processes that have been designed based on paper and human interaction rather than mobile and digital.

If want to learn more, I recently published an article on this topic, "Turning Hidden Document Data into Value that can be Mined," in "Workflow" magazine. Some important issues I address include workflow innovation and automation opportunities as well as how to calculate your return on investment using automated capture and workflow. A key point is that that, although organizations invest in technologies to automate workflows, they still struggle with costly processes that contain bottlenecks caused by manual data entry and antiquated workflows.

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