Legal Services Brief

Leverage Information Governance to Stay Ahead of the Discovery Curve

by Scott Paster
February 5, 2016

This week, a session at the LegalTech® New York 2016 conference focused on the benefits of strong information governance (IG) as it pertains to the discovery process. A Legaltech News article on the session stated: "For many organizations, the idea of discovery doesn't occur until after an investigation or breach. By waiting for disaster to strike, companies spend more money and time simply trying to get their information under control, and some experts argue that by simply planning in advance, the enterprise could reduce costs, time and effort."

We couldn't agree more. If your organization is looking to implement or advance your current IG program to achieve cost and efficiency gains as well as to stay ahead of the legal discovery curve, you might be interested in our latest webcast, "How to Build a Framework for Information Governance Success". Highlights include:

  • The critical business benefits of improved information governance
  • How to obtain program support from senior leadership
  • A framework you can leverage to make information governance advancements at your organization
  • Common information governance pitfalls we help clients avoid and other important insights for building an effective information governance framework

Additionally, feel free to visit the Legal Services page of our website for additional information on IG and discovery trends including case histories, white papers and more.

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