Legal Services Brief

​Law Firms are Becoming More Tech-Savvy and Efficient

by Scott Paster
October 31, 2017

A recent Legaltech News article makes the point that some law firms are changing the way they operate. Their goal is to better align with today’s changing business climate, using such technology as artificial intelligence and new billing models. The author states that this adjustment is happening because clients are demanding innovation.1

The article also points out that law firm change is not always due to client pressure. Sometimes the driver is the desire to gain a competitive edge and streamline operational efficiency by leveraging new technologies and approaches. Procopio is one example. According to the article, the firm has implemented data-driven marketing and advertising to attract new clients.

Beyond its data-driven marketing activities, I recently posted about how Procopio, committed to thoughtful problem solving and improving its clients’ bottom line, applied the same approach to enhancing its own operational efficiency. Initially, the firm saw an opportunity to improve its records management program and engaged Canon Business Process Services (Canon) as a partner to get the job done. Now Procopio and Canon are working together to create a roadmap for innovation. The goal is to help the firm continue to evolve and achieve significant business benefits over the next few years by leveraging digital technologies and implementing innovative business process improvement approaches.

If you’d like to learn more about how Procopio and Canon are meeting these challenges, read our case study.

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1. Dipshan, R. (2017) “Law Firms Becoming Tech-Savvy, Efficient Businesses? Thank Their Clients.” Legaltech News, October 27, 2017

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